Classic Car Catalogue

Moskwicz (Москвич) 1971

408 IE (sedan)
426 (kombi)
433 (furgon)
 (R4 cyl, 1358 cm³, 50 KM)
412 (sedan)
427 (kombi)
434 (furgon)
 (R4 cyl, 1478 cm³, 75 KM)
G5 (R4 cyl, 1478, 112 KM) - wyśc.


£765 (incl. P.T.)
Rather an upright example of Russian transport, but a surprisingly brisk one this, with a capacity for heavy loads. If you care to fold the rear seats forward, the 427 will take 5 cwt. of goods inside its high, narrow shape. The engine is an alloy 1478 c.c. overhead camshaft unit which gives an unexpectedly good performance and a top speed of around 90 m.p.h. Suspension is conventional with coil and wishbone at the front and semi-elliptics at the rear, but equipment is comprehensive and the toolkit even includes a tyre gauge. A de luxe version of the 412 saloon is coming soon.

London show review
Moskwicz 426
London Motor Show

G5 (R4 cyl, 1478, 112 KM)