Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1979

Marina II 4 cyl.
1275 cc
57 bhp
4 cyl.
1695 cc
78 bhp
Saloon 1300
1300 L
1300 HL
1700 L
1700 HL
Coupé 1300
1300 L
Estate 1300
1300 L
1700 L

Great Britain

Morris Marina
The car with a built-in sense of values.
For many people, only a Morris will do. Because, over their long history, Morris cars have been equated with reliability, sound and sensible design, fine engineering and, last but by no means least, true value for money.
The Morris Marina is just such a car. It provides the family motorist with lots of room, both inside and within the boot. It is comfortable, easy to drive, cheap to run and maintain and it has the kind of looks that will grace any driveway.
In short, it maintains the Morris sense of values.
Now, following an extensive updating programme, the Morris Marina represents even greater value for money. Five of the eleven models in the range are available with the new 'O' series 1700 engine, an overhead camshaft unit that's already proved its worth in a long series of international tests. Alternatively, there's the dependable 1300 engine, renowned for its rugged durability and frugal appetite. Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy the low running costs and ease of servicing inherent in the Marina's traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration.

Marina 1300 and 1700

Morris Marina 1300 Coupé, Saloon & Estate; 1700 Saloon & Estate
For many people, a 1300 engine is ideal. Especially when it has the history and technology of the Marina's 1300 'A' series unit — a long and distinguished record of rugged dependability.
The 2-door Marina Coupé is ideal for families with young children. Or, for easier access to the rear seats, there's the 4-door 1300 or 1700 Saloon. All are thoughtfully equipped — more extensively now than ever before. The matt black fascia is a perfect foil for the new easy-to-read instrumentation. There's a fresh air ventilation system, two-speed heater fan, illuminated switches and heater controls, cut-pile moulded carpeting, heated rear window, two-speed wipers with electric washer — and lots more.
The Marina 1300 and 1700 Estates are equipped to the same high standard. Fold the rear seat forward and you have 58.4 cu. ft. (gross) of useful load space lined with a tough ribbed rubber mat, and there's an additional wiper and washer to maintain vision through the big tailgate window.
Morris Marina 1300L Coupe & Saloon; 1700L Saloon & Estate
'L' stands for luxury and these superb cars offer it in abundance. Inside, there's nylon fabric upholstery trim, grab handles with built-in coat hooks, a cigar lighter, a lockable, illuminated glove box and an electric clock and useful coin tray. If you wish to fit a radio, you'll be happy to know we've provided the aerial, speaker and wiring loom with full suppression equipment.

Marina 1300L and 1700L

Morris Marina 1300 HL & 1700 HL Saloons
Here are all the solid virtues of Marina design coupled with the luxurious comfort features that are normally found only on much more expensive cars. From the outside, the HL Marinas look quite special with their colour-matched vinyl covered roofs, triple coach lines, front spoiler and grille-mounted driving lamps. But the real meaning of HL comes when you open the doors. Those velour seat facings are every bit as comfortable as they look.
The front seats have reclining back rests and there are padded head restraints. In the rear, there's a folding arm-rest and grab handles with integral coat hooks. The 1700 HL has a fitted push-button radio; the 1300 HL has a speaker, aerial and radio wiring loom.
As for the power unit, you can choose between the famous and big-hearted 1300 and the brilliant new 1700, with its extra power. Either way, you'll enjoy Marina at its finest.

Marina HL