Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1978

Marina II 4 cyl.
1275 cc
57 bhp
4 cyl.
1695 cc
78 bhp
Saloon 1300
1300 L
1300 HL
1700 L
1700 HL
Coupé 1300
1300 L
Estate 1300
1300 L
1700 L

Great Britain

Updated Marina range from Morris features new 1.7-litre overhead camshaft 'O-series' engine (as fitted to new Princess 2 models) in four-door saloons, and in two of the three-model five-door estate line. The two-door Marina now comes as a 1300 only, and is powered by the familiar 1275 cc ohv motor. Like all new-style Marinas, the 1300 features a front air-dam, and a trip recorder in the speedometer. There have been detail improvements to instrumentation and lighting, and the top model, the 1700 HL, comes complete with pressbutton radio, and seats are in plush velour. Automatic transmission is available.

London report