Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1972

1800/2200 - new model

Great Britain

Under the British Leyland management Morris range is now reduced to only one model, with the 1800 being just re-badged Austin.
Eleven months after launch, on 29 March 1972, the 100,000th Marina, a 1.8TC version, came from the Cowley plant.


wb: 96 in.
(2438 mm)
4 cyl.
1275 cc
60 bhp
4 cyl.
1798 cc
83 bhp
4 cyl.
1798 cc
94 bhp
  1300 1800 1800 TC  
Saloon De Luxe Super De Luxe TC  
Coupé De Luxe
Super De Luxe
Super De Luxe TC  
Estate - Super De Luxe - - new model

Back to basics in an uncomplicated car designed for reliable service and easy maintenance. Front engine and rear drive with a rear axle on half-elliptic springs make it a strictly conventional design but the coupe comes cheaper than the saloon, not dearer and there is a choice of two engine sizes. The torsion bar front suspension was developed from that of the Morris Minor.
Only the 1800 engine figures on the estate version of the Marina. With the 58 cubic feet of space loaded with 900 lb. of cargo you need power to haul it. Rear suspension is up-rated, the passenger area is carpeted and the loading floor is covered with a washable synthetic material. There are finger-tip controls for wipe-wash and lane-change signal.

London report

1800 and 2200

wb: 106 in.
(2700 mm)
4 cyl.
1798 cc
86 bhp
4 cyl.
1798 cc
96 bhp
6 cyl.
2227 cc
110 bhp
Saloon 1800 1800 S 2200
    discontinued new model


MORRIS 1800 MARK III £1,298
Rods instead of cables make it easier to find the gears on these big four-cylinder front-drive models and there is now a central pull-up handbrake between the front seats. Heater controls are improved, seats are trimmed in expanded vinyl and there are pile carpets. The grille is now matt black with fine chromium bars. Twin-carburetter models have been dropped.

London report