Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1952

Minor MM  
Minor MM series II - new model
Oxford MO - facelift
Six MS  
Eight series Z  

Great Britain

Połączenie z Austinem - powstał British Motor Corporation.


wb: 86 in.
(2184 mm)
4 cyl. sv
918 cc
27.5 bhp
4 cyl. ohv
803 cc
30 bhp
Saloon 2-dr MM MM s.II
Convertible MM MM s.II
Saloon 4-dr MM MM s.II


In late 1952 the Minor received a 30 bhp 803cc ohv BMC A series OHV engine and gearbox (Series II).


wb: 97 in.
(2464 mm)
4 cyl.
1476 cc
41 bhp
- facelift in October
Saloon MO  
Traveller MO - September


Oxford with new radiator grille introduced in October.
The Traveller has the same 1476-cc side-valve engine as the contemporary Oxford Saloon. Interiors are strictly utility. As with the Minor the Traveller has structural wooden frame.
From October all Oxford models has a restyled grille with two horizontal bars.

Oxford MO Traveller Estate Car made its appearance in September 1952 and is shown with the then current radiator grille.


wb: 110 in.
(2794 mm)
6 cyl. ohv
2215 cc
66 bhp
Saloon MS  


In 1952 the Six troublesome vertical valves were replaced by inclined ones.