Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1945

Eight series E  
Ten series M  

Great Britain

Post-war production of the Eight had commenced in October 1945, in two-door form with 7 ft 5 in wheelbase, 4.50-17 tyres.
Morris Ten, Series M, was reintroduced in September 1945, although it had been in production during the war years in military Light Utility form. The car is available only with four doors, with or without a sliding roof. Engine capacity is 1140 cc (Eight: 918.6 cc), maximum brake horsepower 37.2 (Eight: 29.6). Unlike the Eight, the Ten has overhead valves. Suspension is conventional with longitudinal leaf springs all round, hydraulic brakes, four speed box. Wheelbase is 7 ft 10 in, tyre size 5,00-16. Later in the year a new rounded radiator grille was introduced. This model was also produced in India, named Hindustan.