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Morris 1939

Eight series E  
Ten series M  
Fourteen series III - ost. rok
Twenty Five series III - ost. rok

Great Britain

Morris 1939 line-up are the new Eight and Ten and the Series III Twelve-Four, Fourteen-Six and Twenty-five Six, which are carryovers from 1938. In the foreground is Major Gardner's MG record breaker in which he achieved over 200 mph. Reid Railton had designed the highly efficient aero-dynamic bodywork.

Eight series E

wb: 89 in.
(2261 mm)
4 cyl. sv
918 cc
Saloon 2-dr 8  
Saloon 4-dr 8  
Tourer 8  
2-seater 8  


Morris Eight, Series E, has entirely new frontal appearance. The engine is an improved edition of the previous Series II 918-cc side-valve Four, but the three-speed gearbox is replaced by a four-speed. Wheelbase is one inch shorter, at 7 ft 5 in. Series E, comprises a Two-seater, a Tourer, a Two-door and a Four-door Saloon. The saloons could be ordered with sliding roof at extra cost.

Eight Saloon series E

Eight tourer

Ten series M

wb: 98 in.
(2498 mm)
4 cyl. ohv
1140 cc


Ten series M '40
Morris Ten-Four, Series M, Saloon costs £175, has an 1140-cc OHV four-cylinder engine, rated at 9.99 HP, a four-speed gearbox and Lockheed hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase is 7 ft 10 in, tyre size 5.00-1 6. Sliding roof is optional.





Fourteen series III

  6 cyl. ohv
1818 cc
- discontinued


Fourteen Saloon

Twenty-Five series III

  6 cyl. ohv
3485 cc
- discontinued
Saloon 25  
Coupé 25  


Twenty Five series III Saloon




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     1 80 Mackenzie / Mavrogordato Eight 60th (->1500 16th)