Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1978

  wb: 4 cyl.
1599 cc
84 bhp
V8 cyl.
3528 cc
155 bhp
4/4 8' 0'' (244 cm) -
Plus 8 8' 2'' (249 cm) -

Great Britain

MORGAN PLUS 8 £5,961
Vintage in concept but very modern in performance, the Rover-engined Plus 8 has 3.5-litres under its long bonnet, enormous acceleration and a top speed of 125 mph. There are 'twenties-style' sidescreens for the cutaway doors, and a sketchy hood, but the very flexible V8 engine has a five-speed gearbox, and front suspension is independent. Morgan owners abound all over the world, and those who wish to join the happy throng must be prepared to wait for delivery as production in the tiny little Malvern Link works is but a handful a week. There are also Ford-engined two and four-seater Morgans.