Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1972

  wb: 4 cyl.
1599 cc
90 bhp
V8 cyl.
3528 cc
168 bhp
4/4 8' 0'' (244 cm) -
Plus 8 8' 2'' (249 cm) -

Great Britain

MORGAN 4/4 £1,323
Ye Olde Authentick English Sports car, made at Malvern for a faithful clientele who want none of your streamlined mid-engined creations. Front suspension is by sliding pillars, the platform chassis passes under the rear axle, the engine is the durable Ford 1600 GT. A French magazine rudely called the works a "shanty town" but they were impressed with the craftsmanship.

London show review

MORGAN PLUS 8 £1,729
Moss gears provided Morgan with a gearbox to handle the torque of the Rover V8 engine long before Rover could produce such a box themselves but now there is a manual Rover box, so it goes on the Plus 8. It is attached to the engine instead of being mounted separately in mid-chassis. This, the fastest of the Morgans, has a limited slip differential and light alloy wheels.

London show review