Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1962

Great Britain

wb: 8 ft. 4 cyl.
1340 cc
54 bhp
4 cyl.
1991 cc
100 bhp
4 cyl.
1991 cc
115 bhp
2.2 litre
Two Seater Tourer 4/4 Plus 4 Super Sport opt.
Four Seater Tourer - Plus 4 - -
Two Seater Coupe - Plus 4 - -





DEVELOPMENT of the 4/4 Series IV out of the Series III, which took place over a year ago, was marked by a switch from a Ford Anglia engine to the larger and much more powerful 1340 c.c. Classic unit, with great resulting benefit to the car's performance. Among small sports models, it now has few equals in power/ weight ratio, so that its continuingly conservative appearance is almost sensationally belied. Reminiscent of the vintage era are such traditional Morgan features as running - boards, out - on - their - own wings, and a bonnet hinged on its centre axis. The very responsive four-speed gearbox, in long-time Morgan style, is separate from the engine. Sliding-pillar front suspension, as originated on the makers' pre-first-war three-wheelers, is another exclusive Morgan characteristic. £729.,15-3 incl. PT.
THAT Morgan have built reliability into the Plus 4, a car already renowned for high performance and brilliant handling, was proved when the Super Sports version won the 2-litre class at Le Mans last June, averaging 94 m.p.h. and lapping at a shade under the century. In production form, the Super Sports is an open two-seater with the Lawrencetune edition of the Triumph TR engine, and a light-alloy body. Completing the Plus 4 range are 2 and 4-seater tourers and a snug Coupé. Following its long-established practice, the Malvern factory resists the temptation to add non-essential equipment, so car weight stays down and performance stays up... way up -as witness the striking Le Mans success instanced above. 2-Str. Tourer £901.12.9 incl. PT.; 4-Str. Tourer £922.5.3 incl. PT.; 2-Str. Coupé £9775.3 incl. PT.; 2-Str. Super Sports £1,238.10.3 incl. PT.

(London report)


Plus 4 2-seater and Super Sports



Super Sports made 1962-1968 has alloy body panels and Lawrencetune engine with twin Webers giving 125 bhp, and 120 mph top speed.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
27.05.1962 Nürburgring 1000 km 3 3 1 39 Plus 4 Savoye / Savoye 25th GT2.0 3rd  
23-24.06.1962 Le Mans 24h 1 1 1 29 Plus 4 Lawrence/Shepherd-Baron 13th 1st GT 1.6-2.0 Perf. ind. 16th

Morgan Plus 4, engine: Triumph 1.991 cc (Chris Lawrence Richard Shepherd-Baron) at 24h Le Mans.

Le Mans

ADAC 1000 km Rennen Nürburgring; Guy Savoye / Claude Savoye; Morgan Plus 4; 25th overall and 3rd in GT2.0 group. Covered 35 laps in 7:45:54.600.