Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1956

Great Britain

PLUS 4 (TR2 engine): 4-cyl, 1,991 c.c. (122 cu in); O.H.V.; 90 b.h.p.; Wheelbase, 8ft (244 cm); U.K. basic price: 2-seater, £595 (total incl. P.T., £893 17s); 4-seater, £610 (total, £916 7s); drop-head Coupé, £640 (total, £961 7s).
PLUS 4 (Vanguard engine): 4-cyl, 2,088 c.c. (127.6 cu. in); O.H.V.; 68 b.h.p.; U.K. basic price: £580 (total incl. P.T., £871 7s).
4/4 SERIES 2: (Ford engine) 4-cyl, 1,172 c.c. (71.55 cu in); S.V.; 36 b.h.p.

4/4 series 2

Morgan Four-Four Series II Tourer. This new lower-priced two-seater sport has a body similar to the Plus Four but with a flat-back panel with a protruding petrol filler cap next to the semi- recessed spare wheel. Power comes from a Ford 1172-cc four-cylinder engine which develops 36 bhp at 4400 rpm.

Plain and simple, these sporting cars still retain the traditional small sports car styling-with a few minor concessions to current thought around the front end. Bred of a line of cars that has done extremely well in rallies and trials over a very long period, they continue to give their owners a good chance of success in competitive events. These cars originally were intended for Ford or Coventry Climax engines and the present power units (Standard Vanguard or Triumph TR2) give the little cars a brilliant performance and a top speed of over 100 m.p.h. The 4/4 Series II two-seater has the 1,172 c.c. Ford power unit and provides in cheaper form the well-proved Morgan handling qualities in a lower performance bracket. The Vanguard and Triumph engined versions of the Plus Four models are available with longer bodywork, which provides adequate accommodation for two people in the rear seats. Also available with Triumph or Vanguard engine is the drop head Coupé two-seater, with rigid side-screens and greatly increased comfort.

Plus 4 Drophead Coupé



F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  12h Sebring 24.03.1956 (round 2) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. class
35 Plus 4 Triumph   Rothschild / Hunt Morgan fail. S2.0 -    
36 Plus 4   Weitz / Bos Morgan dns S2.0 -