Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1952

Great Britain

F-4 – ost.rok
F-Super – ost.rok
Plus 4 (R4 cyl, 2088 cm³, 68 KM)

Plus Four

July 29, 1952 the last Three-wheeler, a Ford-engined "F"-Super left the Morgan Worcs.

Morgan Plus Four, Four-Seater Tourer is an addition to the existing range (Tourer and Coupé). Generally similar to the two-seater sports models it differs mainly by having two extra seats, with the petrol tank carried beneath, a single spare wheel (two on the Sports) and a single 12-volt battery under the bonnet.

Plus Four


24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class perf.ind.
#35 Plus 4 Lawrie / Ischerwood   fail. - -