Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1937

Great Britain

Family – ost.rok
Super Sports (V2 cyl, 4 suw, 990 cm³, 39 KM) (Matchless MX2)
4/4(R4 cyl, 1122 cm³, 34 KM) - nowy model

Model F two seater

Model F four seater

Three Wheeler Super Sport


Morgan introduced their first four-wheeler in 1936 but the three-wheelers for which the Company had become famous are continued. The 1937 Model 4/4 (four cylinders, four speeds, four wheels) is an improved version of the 1936 model. It has a 34-bhp 1122-cc (63 x 90 mm) Coventry Climax engine with overhead inlet, side exhaust valves. Wheelbase is 7 ft 8 in, tyre size 5.50-1 6.

Announced in 1917 the Family model in 4-seater version is said to carry 2 adults and 3 children. The model was redesigned several times and it is also available as a 2-seater model (Sports Family) with a luggage locker.