Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1933

Great Britain

Aero – ost.rok
Super Sports
F-4 – nowy model
Delivery Van


Super Sports


Morgan offers four models, all with V-twin 1100-cc (85.7 x 95 mm) 9.1 HP engine, three-speed gearbox, worm and chain final drive, 6ft wheelbase and 18 x 3 Dunlop Magna wheels. Although the cylinder dimensions are the same, the engines are side- or overhead-valve, and air- or water-cooled.

Although listed for the first time in the Sales Catalogue for 1920 some Aeros have been built earlier. Later it merged with the Super Sports Aero until production of the 2-speeder ceased in 1933.

In 1927 Morgan built an Aero with a tuned engine and modified bodywork, it was called a Super Sports Aero or "Super Sports". Around 1932 the 3-speeder model was introduced. In 1933-35 engines changed from J.A.P. to Matchless MX, MX2 and MX4 (V2 cyl, 4 suw, 990 cm³, 39 KM) and body style from Beetleback to Barrelback.

The "F-4" is built on a totally new chassis with a 4-cylinder inline 8hp Ford model "Y" engine.

The Family model had been endowed with a dummy radiator grille.

Morgan team of Rhodes, Laird and Lones finished second. at 89.01 m.p.h. in the L.C.C. Relay Race.