Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1930

Great Britain

De Luxe Model (from 1912)
Family (from 1915)
Aero (from 1920)
Super Sports (from 1927
Delivery Van (from 1928)

1929 Super Sports

Morgan three-wheelers are available with 980-cc air-cooled and 1078- and 1096-cc water-cooled V-twin engines. All have 2-speed gearbox, shaft and chain final drive and 6-ft wheelbase. Prices range from £87 10s. to £145.

Built from 1912-1931 De Luxe "For the man who wants something better..." had some refined coach built bodywork and was over all better equipped than the Standard Model (1911-1928).

Announced in 1917 the Family model in 4-seater version was said to carry 2 adults and 3 children.

Although listed for the first time in the Sales Catalogue for 1920 some Aeros have been built earlier.

The Delivery Van was built on a standard chassis and was said to have a load capacity of up to 3 CWT. Only few were sold around 1930.

In 1927 Morgan built an Aero with a tuned engine and modified bodywork, it was called a Super Sports Aero or "Super Sports".


Delivery Van