Classic Car Catalogue

Mitsubishi 1978

Mirage - March




wb: 2300 mm   4 CYL.
1410 cm³
70 hp (DIN)
Hatchback 3-dr 1200 EL/GL 1400 GLX    


COLT 1200 & 1400 Price to be announced
Colt's brand-new hatchback is manufacturer Mitsubishi's first car with front-drive, transverse engine, rack-and-pinion steering, and all-independent suspension. The all-new Colt is a three-door hatchback, available as 1200 EL or GL (1.2-litre engine) according to trim and specification, or as 1400 GLX (1.4-litre engine). The latter has an ingenious feature designated "Super-Shift" to enable driver to select performance or extra economy by moving a secondary gear lever. It is a transfer lever for a second set of gears to be brought into play-normal, or extra high, the latter for increased fuel economy. All models run on low-grade petrol.





The Lancer range is the lowest-priced of the Mitsubishi-built cars available in Britain, with 1200, 1400, and 1600 cc engines. Smallest-engined, the two-door 1200 has a rousing performance and demands only low-grade fuel. The 1400 is available with two or four-door body, and also in five-door estate guise. The 1600 GSR, using the identical two-door body to the 1200, has more complete equipment and specification, 82 bhp 1.6-litre engine, and five-speed gearbox. All Lancers have steering columns instantly adjustable for angle and radial-ply tyres. The overhead camshaft four-cylinder engines are notably quiet-running.





The Colt Celeste is a two-door sporting hatchback, available as ST or GS with 1.6-litre engines, or as 2000 GT with two-litre motor. A recent addition to the range was the 1600GS which has an 82 bhp engine with two twin-choke carburettors, and a five-speed gearbox, similar to the 2000GT. The 1600GS is good for 102 mph, and has nine more horsepower than the four-speed 1600ST. The 105 mph 2000GT, in company with the 1600GS has the final-drive ratio lowered for 1978 to increase top-gear flexibility. All models feature fingertip controls for wipers and lights, and the steering column is instantly-adjustable.



wb: 2515 mm   4 cyl.
1995 cm³
85 hp (DIN)
Sedan 4-dr        


The four-door Sigma is available as a 2000 GLX (with two-litre engine) or as a 1600 GL (with 1.6-litre motor), the stylish bodywork being roomy and well-appointed. There is also a five-door Sigma estate with 1.6-litre engine. The Sigma saloon is virtually a four-door version of the sporting Sapporo, and has an identical five-speed gearbox as standard, although there is an automatic option. Both saloons have remote-control boot locks, and 1978 improvements include increased legroom in rear compartment, raised axle ratio for quieter running, and a three-joint propeller-shaft. Automatic models have a new-style selector lever.



wb: 2515 mm 4 cyl.
1995 cm³
98 hp (DIN)


Colt's top model, the Sapporo, is a 4/5-seater sporting coupé with two-litre engine, five-speed gearbox and very comprehensive equipment. The "Astron 80" engine has twin carburettors, and twin contra-rotating vibration damper shafts for smooth running. Two-door bodywork has arresting lines, and the side windows wind-down out of sight, giving the Sapporo almost open car attributes. Equipment includes pushbutton radio, digital clock, tinted glass, laminated windscreen, adjustable lumbar supports in front seats, and instantly-adjustable steering column (for angle). A turbocharged version is also available.