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Mitsubishi 1975




Colt Lancer

wb: 2340 mm 4 cyl.
1439 cm³
92 hp (SAE)


Introduced to the British market at last year's Earls Court Show, the Colt is made by Mitsubishi, one of Japan's largest manufacturers. All models have four-cylinder overhead camshaft engines noted for pep and relatively low fuel consumption, the two-door model being available in standard or Grand Luxe form. There is also a four-door model. The 1400 has a 92 bhp motor and four-speed gearbox, and the 1600 develops 100 bhp and has a five-speed box. The 'SL' is the sporting derivative of the 1600 and is equipped with adjustable steering column, rev-counter, and tinted glass.

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Colt Lancer 1400


Colt Galant

wb: 2420 mm 4 cyl.
1597 cm³
100 hp (SAE)
85 hp (DIN)
4 cyl.
1995 cm³
115 hp (SAE)
98 hp (DIN)
4 cyl.
1995 cm³
125 hp (SAE)
? hp (DIN)
Sedan 4-dr 1600 DL 2000 GL -  
Hardtop 2-dr 1600 GL 2000 SL GTO  
Kombi 5-dr 1600 DL - -  


The roomy Colt Galant Estate has four good-sized doors and a lift-up tailgate which affords a measure of weather-protection when loading in the rain. The Estate is powered by the 1597 cc overhead camshaft engine, but the Galant saloon models embrace both the 1600 and 2000 engines. The useful Estate comes complete with laminated windscreen, three-speed heater/ventilation booster, seat head-restraints, reclining front seats, radial-ply tyres, and a steering wheel instantly adjustable for angle. The engine is happy on two-star petrol, and the gearchange is light and slick.
New to Britain, the super-version of the Mitsubishi-built Galant 2000 is a two-door coupé, classed as a 4 / 5-seater. Powered by the high-compression version of Mitsubishi's two-litre overhead camshaft engine, there is 125 (SAE) bhp on tap and a claimed maximum of nearly 112 mph. The smart bodywork has 'not locked' warning lights for doors, electrically-heated rear window, and pushbutton radio with electric antenna. The gearbox has five speeds, and the steering column is instantly-adjustable for angle. The Colt GTO has protective plastic inserts under wheel arches.

London show review