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Mini 1979

1275 GT

Great Britain

The car with ideas above its size.
The sheer brilliance of the Mini concept is emphasised by the fact that it makes just as much sense now as it did on the day it was launched.
No other car combines such a roomy, practical interior with such compact outside dimensions. No other car teams such outstanding running economy with such superb handling and roadholding.
You'll find the ubiquitous Mini happily at home in the smallest garage, outside the grandest hotel, on the forecourt of the most expensive stores, at the toughest motor sport events. It's the one car that defies all the conventional barriers of age, class, sex and nationality.
Since its inception, this remarkable motorcar has been steadily developed and improved to maintain its technological lead over the competition.
Better equipped and more refined it may be. But at heart it's still a loveable Mini.


850 and 1000

850 (R4 cyl, 848 cc, 33 bhp)
1000 (R4 cyl, 998 cc, 39 bhp)

Mini 850 and 1000 Saloons
Economy may be your prime reason for buying a Mini 850 or 1000 Saloon, but you'll quickly and happily discover you've purchased a great deal more besides.
Reliability, for instance. Roominess. And the satisfaction of owning an honestly engineered car that's fun to drive and easy to manoeuvre.
With manual transmission there's a sporty, remote control gear lever, while on the bigger-engined and more comprehensively equipped 1000 automatic transmission is available at extra cost. Front wheel drive and all-round independent suspension combine to provide outstanding roadholding.
Just over 10 ft in length, the Mini offers a surprising amount of room inside. There's real comfort for four people with plenty of stowage space for oddments and luggage.
Choose a Mini 850 or 1000 for economy reasons by all means. There's no extra charge for all the enjoyment you'll derive from owning one of Britain's most popular cars.

Mini 850

Mini 1000


Clubman and 1275 GT

Clubman (R4 cyl, 1098 cc, 45 bhp)
Clubman Automatic (R4 cyl, 998 cc, 38 bhp)
1275 GT (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 54 bhp)

Mini Clubman Saloon & Estate
Mini 1275 GT

Three quite different routes to the fun and pleasure of Mini motoring. The stylish Clubman Saloon, powered by a 1098cc. engine, has a lavishly equipped interior. Front seats adjust for rake, seat wearing surfaces are trimmed in cropped nylon, the floor is carpeted and there's face-level ventilation to keep you fresh on long journeys.
The Clubman Estate has similar standards of furnishing and comfort, plus the ability to carry lots of extra luggage. Simply fold down the rear seat to gain an enormous boot space.
For the true Mini enthusiast, there's the remarkable Mini 1275GT, with just about every conceivable comfort and styling refinement plus an incredibly willing engine, a tachometer and powerful disc brakes up front for safety at speed.

Mini Clubman

Mini 1275 GT


Van and Pick-up