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Mini 1972

1275 GT

Great Britain

MINI £695
Still preferred by many people to the square-fronted Clubman, especially in foreign markets, the original Mini comes in two versions with 850 and 1000 engines. Door hinges are concealed and winding windows have meant doing away with the handy boxes in the doors but the car retains the cheeky charm that started a world trend. Better seats and synchromesh first now.
Top-selling British station wagon, with roomy interior, compact size and the famous Mini road holding. It has a transverse engine of course, front-wheel drive and the Mini all-independent suspension with Moulton-designed rubber springs. The original Mini shape gives way to a longer, higher nose with stronger, more protective bumpers. Side windows wind down instead of sliding.
MINI 1275 GT £973
To get a Mini Cooper you now have to go to Italy and buy one from Innocenti. For Britain its place is taken by this model with the Clubman front and a single-carburetter 1,275 c.c. engine which combines high performance with top-gear flexibility. The latest bumpers give real protection, the seats are more comfortable and there are radial ply tyres on special wheels.

London report

3.000.000th Mini produced.

850 and 1000

850 (R4 cyl, 848 cc, 34 bhp)
1000 (R4 cyl, 998 cc, 38 bhp)


Clubman and 1275 GT

Clubman (R4 cyl, 998 cc, 38 bhp)
1275 GT (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 59 bhp)




Mini Cooper (Matteo Sgarlata - Joe Anastasi) entered by Scuderia Aretusa during training at Targa Florio. Did not start.