Classic Car Catalogue

MG 1979

Midget 1500 - discontinued (1974-79 - 73899 ex.)

Great Britain

The classic British sports car. The name tells it all. Every motorist who is young at heart aspires to an MG, the sports car that's as fiercely British as the flag.
Unrepentantly traditional in concept, the MG of today is the result of steady technological development, combining advanced engineering with a lively sense of style and occasion.
There are three models to choose from; two of them are open touring cars in the finest MG traditions. The third cleverly combines the essential joys of MG motoring with the comfort of a saloon car.
All models have a four-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox, controlled from a short, stubby gearshift, precise rack-and-pinion steering, radial ply tyres, powerful disc/drum brakes, independent front suspension and impact-absorbing bumpers front and rear. Plus the precise handling and sheer driving fun that's so hard to find nowadays.
In busy towns and on the open road, it takes a lot to beat an MG.



1500 (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 66 bhp) - discontinued

MG Midget
The classic British sports car at a price you can afford. Powered by a 1493cc twin -carburettor engine, its spirited acceleration is enhanced by nimble, sure-footed agility on twisty roads. The cockpit looks business-like and it is. Switches, controls, gear lever and handbrake fall naturally. to hand and clear, uncluttered instruments keep you fully informed at a glance. The seat backs adjust for rake and head restraints are an integral part of the rally-inspired seat design. Add to this the rare enjoyment of openair motoring, with a tailored hood and tonneau cover to take care of inclement weather It's little wonder everyone dreams of owning an MG and, for many, the Midget makes it possible.

American advert.



MGB (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 95 bhp)

Two great cars which prove that sports car motoring doesn't have to be spartan to be thoroughly enjoyable.
If you're the open-air type, you'll go for the MGB. Powered by a potent 1798cc twin-carburettor engine, this open-air sports car offers exhilarating performance plus many of the comforts and luxuries enjoyed by saloon car drivers.
Looking for more comfort? Then choose the MGB GT with its stylish hard-top body and long list of saloon-car comfort features. There's plenty of luggage room, accessible through the high-lift tail gate. And all the power and zest that are synonyms for the marque.

American advert.

American advert. October 1979.