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MG 1978

Midget 1500

Great Britain



1500 (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 66 bhp)

MG MIDGET £2,802
Evergreen open two-seater started as Austin-Healey Sprite twenty years ago, with 948 cc engine, but has grown-up, and in current form bears the MG badge. It has a 1.5-litre engine (which is also used in the Triumph Spitfire). With its relatively large engine the modern Midget is a lively, sporting two-seater, and all creature comforts are built-in too, with wind-up windows and an easily-erected hood. High gearing results in fussless running and light fuel appetite. There is a luggage boot at the rear but the spare wheel is also housed there, so baggage has to be of the weekend type, but a grid is easily fitted. Hazard lights are standard.

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MGB (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 95 bhp)

MG MGB & GT From £3,773
Ageing Leyland sports car is still a big favourite in the USA, and is made as open two-seater (MGB) and 2+ 2 coupe (MGB GT). Due to North American legislation the MGB's height has increased over the last few years, and the rubbery body-blended bumpers are also a product of the same regulations. Powered by the 1.8-litre cast iron ohv four-cylinder motor that until recently was used in the Leyland Princess, the MGB is good for about 105 mph, and is surprisingly economical. The GT has a lift-up rear door and folding back seat to increase luggage capacity. Overdrive is a standard feature.

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