Classic Car Catalogue

MG 1974

Midget Mk IV - discontinued
Midget 1500 - October
MGB/GT - facelift
MGB GT V8 - facelift

Great Britain


Midget Mk IV and 1500

Mk IV (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 65 bhp) - discontinued
1500 (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 66 bhp) - new model

MG MIDGET £1,204
There have been many changes as the Midget evolved from the original Austin-Healey Sprite. Semi-elliptic rear springs replaced the quarter-elliptics on both of them and recently an anti-roll bar has further improved the handling. Wire wheels are an optional alternative to the Rostyle wheels. A tonneau cover and a detachable hard top are also available. Glass side windows and a snug folding top give good basic weather protection.

London report

Midget 1500



MGB (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 95 bhp)
MGB GT V8 (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 137 bhp)

MG MGB GT V8 £2,699
Nearly double the power and torque for a few pounds difference in weight; the dream of performance enthusiasts is achieved in MG's GT coupe by substituting the light alloy Rover V8 for British Leyland's iron four. A lowered compression ratio allows the engine to run on 97 octane fuel. A larger radiator with thermostatically switched electric fans copes with the cooling. Clutch, gearbox and suspension are modified to handle the extra power.

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