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MG 1957

Magnette ZA 1489 cc 69 bhp    
MGA 1489 cc 72 bhp    

Great Britain

MG Magnette ZB Saloon replaced the ZA model which was discontinued in the summer of 1956. Modifications includes a straight chrome strip on the body sides and a parcel shelf below the facia. Manumatic two-pedal control is optional and a new variant was introduced, called the Magnette Varitone, with wrapround rear window and two-colour paint finish, divided by a chrome strip.
MG MGA Hard-top Coupé is an addition to the popular open model which continue with slight modifications to the hood in the form of added quarter lights; a detachable hard-top is optionally available. The output of the 1489-cc engine is increased from 68 to 72 bhp.


MGA Coupé

MG ZB Magnette

EX 181 R4 cyl. 1498 cc 290 bhp wb: 2440 mm  


EX 181

MG EX 181 - pojazd rekordowy - rekordy prędkości w sierpniu.

EX 181 na pustyni Utah
August 23rd records:
1km 395,23 km/h
1 mile 394,38 km/h
5 km 391,11 km/h
5 miles 379,22 km/h
10 km 361,54 km/h
F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries: 
12 Hours Sebring 23.03.1957 (round 2) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. class
49 MGA   Miller / Leavens / Keith Hambro 23rd GT1.6 1st    
50 MGA   Spitler / Kinchloe Hambro 36th GT1.6 4th    
51 MGA   Ash / Ehrman / van Driel Hambro 27th GT1.6 2nd    
Other entries:
  Targa Florio entries: (24.11.1957) Results:
#     gen. Penalties:
178 MGA Alicò 103rd 24.6
246 MGA Tramontana 128th 238.8
MGA, chassis #HDR43/24460, engine: BMC B series L4 OHV 1486 cc (David Ash / Gus Ehrman / John van Driel) by Hambro Automotive at Sebring 12 Hours.