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Mercury 1949


72  2 Door Coupé  
74  4 Door Sport Sedan  
76  2 Door Convertible  
79  2 Door Stn Wgn 


To satisfy your every need has been the foremost consideration of Mercury engineers in developing the ALL-NEW 1949 Mercury. Comfort ... convenience . . . safety . . . easy handling ... performance . . . distinctive beauty-all these and much more you will find in your ALL-NEW Mercury.
As you go through these pages, note the real engineering achievements that Mercury brings you: new low to-the-road construction for road-hugging stability ... new smooth-acting brakes with velvety "STOP" in them ... new spring suspension and shock absorbers to soften back-road bumps ... a new engine for greater "get-up-and-go," longer life, whisper quiet performance ... a new specially braced frame for greater stamina ... new, low-pres-sure, super-balloon tires for greater traction, quicker stopping, easier steering and a softer ride ... new Finger-tip Weather Control to make you "at home" on the road. And there is much more.
You'll find Mercury truly a "find" in motoring ... a car that gives you more than your money's worth.




Sport Sedan

Station Wagon






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