Classic Car Catalogue

Mercedes Benz 1944



January 1944

September 5: The largest scale air raids yet experienced by Untertürkheim cause damage worth RM 30.2 million and destroy some 70% of the plant. The figures for Mannheim and Gaggenau are 20% and 80% respectively. September 10 and 13: In the course of daylight air raids some 80% of the buildings and 52.5% of the plant and machinery is destroyed at Sindelfingen.




A further ten armour-plated 770 (W 150) four-door saloons were produced for the government between June 1943 and July 1944. The gross vehicle weight of the standard vehicles was 4200 kg, with this rising to 5420 kg for the armour-plated versions, in which case the top speed was reduced from 170 km/h to 80 km/h for reasons of tyre endurance.