Classic Car Catalogue

Mazda 1976





  L4 cyl. ohc
985 ccm
50 bhp
2-dr 1000      
4-dr 1000      


MAZDA 1000 £1,599
Powered by a neat little five-bearing engine with aluminium head and overhead camshaft, the smallest Mazda can be had with two or four doors. It is a well equipped small saloon of conventional layout with disc brakes, split brake circuits, two-speed wipers, laminated screen, hazard flashers and lockable fuel filler. Front seats have built-in head restraints. Lighter, toolkit, touch-up paint are provided.

London show review


1300 kombi



  L4 cyl. ohc
1272 ccm
87 bhp
4-dr sedan        
2-dr coupé        


MAZDA 818 £1,949
With a keen eye for what the family buyer wants, Mazda offer a full specification on this 1300 model, including reclining seats, tinted glass, laminated screen, heated rear window, three-speed heater fan, reversing lamps and lockable fuel filler. Its overhead camshaft engine with aluminium head runs on 82 octane fuel. There are also a five-door station wagon and a sporty coupe with clock and tachometer.



  L4 cyl. ohc
1586 ccm
75 bhp


MAZDA 616 £2,249
An overhead camshaft engine, smooth four-speed gearbox, coil spring struts for front suspension and rear axle located on four links and a Panhard rod are the salient points on this sound conventional design. It has a vandal-proof radio aerial built into the tinted, laminated windscreen, hazard flashers, reversing lights and lockable glove box. Upholstery is in a combination of cloth and vinyl and front backrests recline.



  wb: 2311 mm wankel
1146 cm³
95 hp (SAE)




  L4 cyl. ohc
1769 ccm
110 bhp
4-dr sedan        
2-dr coupé        


MAZDA 929 £2,549
A practical trio in the 1.8-litre class; saloon, coupe and station wagon with overhead camshaft engines running on the cheapest fuel. The radio aerial is built into the laminated windscreen. Wipers have two speeds and intermittent action, the heater has a three-speed blower and the glove box is lockable. Horn pushes are enclosed within the wheel spokes, front backrests recline. All models have four headlamps and reversing lamps.



wb: 2510 mm 4cyl.
1769 ccm
88 hp (SAE)