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Mazda 1975



American avert.

1000 and 1300

wb: 2260 mm L4 cyl. ohc
985 ccm
50 hp
L4 cyl. ohc
1272 ccm
66 hp (DIN)
2-dr 1000 1300    
4-dr 1000 1300    
kombi - 1300    


MAZDA 1000 £1,079
Recently launched in Britain; an economical well-equipped small car from Japan with good seating capacity and roomy luggage boot. Its engine has five bearings, overhead camshaft and twin-choke carburetter. Front seats have reclining backrests and built-in headrests. The heater-ventilation system includes a three-speed fan. Laminated glass windscreen, two-speed wipers, hazard warning flashers, dual circuit brakes are standard equipment.
MAZDA 1300
Saloon: From £1,489
Estate: £1,539
Mazda's neat little 1.3-litre saloon has reclining front seats with built-in head restraints, laminated windscreen, anti-theft steering lock, and so on. The four-cylinder overhead camshaft engine revs and revels in two-star petrol, and the saloon will exceed 90 mph. The saloon is available in two or four-door form, and there is a capacious Estate (1300 engine only) with lift-up rear tailgate. The two-door model is also made in one-litre guise, designated '1000', and capable of more than 75 mph. All models have four-speed manual gearboxes.

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wb: 2470 mm L4 cyl. ohc
1586 ccm
75 hp (DIN)


MAZDA 616 SALOON £1,839
New this year for the British market, the Japanese Mazda 616 is a well-proportioned 1.6-litre four-door saloon with very complete equipment. The heated rear window, electric clock, reclining front seats, cigarette lighter, three-speed booster for the heating/ ventilation system, and hazard warning lights are standard equipment. The overhead camshaft engine has five main bearings and is notable for its quiet running, as well as its ability to operate on two-star petrol. Seats have cloth contact surfaces and are adjustable for height as well as for reach.

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wb: 2510 mm L4 cyl. ohc
1769 ccm
83 hp (DIN)
4-dr Sedan        
2-dr Coupé        


MAZDA 929 ESTATE £2,219
Based on the mechanicals of the 1.8-litre saloon, the Mazda 929 Estate is a roomy five-door, with choice of four-speed manual or fully-automatic transmission. The bodywork is identical to the rotary-engined RX-4 Estate from the same manufacturer, offering a vast load-carrying area when the rear seat is folded. The lift-up tailgate affords a degree of weather protection when loading. The 929's engine is a five-bearing overhead camshaft four-cylinder with two-choke carburettor. In addition to the 929 five-door estate and four-door saloon, there is also a two-door fastback coupe.

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982 ccm
110 hp


MAZDA RX 3 from £1,585
Quiet, relaxed, vibration-free, the twin-rotor Wankel engine in the RX 3 constitutes a memorable motoring experience. There are four-door saloons and two-door coupes, with low wind and road noise to match the quietness of the engine. Instruments include a tachometer, the brakes are servo-assisted with twin circuits and there is a hazard warning flasher. Reclining front seats have built-in head restraints.

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MAZDA RX 4 from £1,963
Confidence in the durability of the twin-rotor Wankel engine is expressed by a guarantee covering two years or 24,000 miles. Though tiny, the engine is rated as a 2.3 litre by frustrated tax collectors in most countries. British buyers now have the alternative of a 1.8 litre four cylinder engine in the same car. It has a chain driven overhead camshaft, light alloy head and twin-choke carburetter.

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Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans   Results:  
#   Engine:   Entrant: gen. class
98 S 124 A Coupé 1146 ccm Buchet/Rondeau Auto Mazda Claude Buchet   TS    

Mazda RX-3 arriving at the Racing Car Show at Olympia, London.

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