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Maserati 1961

3500 GT / GTI
5000 GT


MASERATI 3500 GT, coupe, $11,400, Italy
One of the world's most exciting motorcars, the Maserati's elegance is matched only by its brilliant performance. And brilliant refers to a top speed of somewhere around 145 mph (depending upon optional rear axle ratios) and a zero-to-60 acceleration of under eight seconds.
It all comes about through a husky in-line Six (212.7 cubic inches) with twin-overhead cams. Power output is a healthy 230 hp at 5500 rpm with fuel fed through a trio of dual-throat Webers. With a substantial racing heritage behind it, the engine nevertheless idles nicely at 1000 rpm and will pull in fourth gear from just above that.
The lever from the all-synchro ZF transmission is well positioned for driver ease, as are the wheel, instruments and leather-covered seats. Rear seats in the really plush interior come very close to being adult size but head- and legroom are limited. A large trunk invites touring in the grand manner - the car's intended use.
Little is left to be desired in the Maser's road behavior. It's big and it's fast, but steering is light and responsive; the car goes where it is pointed at near-impossible speeds, and brakes (Girling discs at front) are capable of bringing the car down from high speed time after time without protest.
The tubular chassis is suspended in a somewhat conventional manner but it is done properly. At the front are coil springs, A-arms and a stabilizer bar; the rear has long, underslung semi-elliptics, trailing radius rods, tubular shocks, a stabilizer bar and a third horizontal tubular shock that damps out fore-and-aft axle motion.
Recently, Maserati has had great racing success with its sports-racing Birdcage model, which is available on special order to qualified purchasers. Except that they both come from the same firm, there is no relation between it and the 3500 GT.
General specifications: Wheelbase, 102.3 inches; front tread, 54.7; rear tread, 54.5; overall length, 189; width, 68; height, 51. Other versions: Convertible, $12,300.

Motor Trend, April 1961

Early 1961 some minor modifications of 3500 GT were made, many of which are optional. A five-speed ZF gearbox is standard.
Introduction of the 3500 GTI with a Lucas direct fuel injection system with power increased to 235bhp.
The first Allemano bodied 5000 GT, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, was displayed at the Turin Motor Show and became known as the 'Indianapolis' in honour of Maserati's victories at the 'Indy 500' in 1939 and 1940.


3500 GT

3500 GT (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 220 cv)
3500 GTI (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 235 cv) - new model
   Touring Coupé
   Vignale Spyder

3500 GT Spyder

3500 GTI Coupé Frua


5000 GT

5000 GT (V8 cyl, 4941 cm³, 340 cv)
   # 103.008 (08-02-1961) Pinin Farina
   # 103.010 (26-05-1961) Touring
   # 103.012 (16-03-1961) Monterosa
   # 103.014 (28-09-1961) Allemano
   # 103.016 (09-10-1961) Michelotti
   # 103.018 (15-07-1961) Ghia
   # 103.020 (21-10-1961) Allemano
   # 103.022 (01-11-1961) Allemano
   # 103.024 (05-12-1961) Allemano
   # 104.004 Bertone

5000 GT #103.020 by Allemano

5000 GT #103.016 by Michelotti

5000 GT #103.018 built by Ghia for Ferdinando Innocenti.

5000 GT by Ghia

5000 GT #104.004 by Bertone

5000 GT by Bertone

5000 GT #103.008 by Pinin Farina

5000 GT by Pinin Farina


Tipo 63 (V12 cyl, 2989 cm³) - new model (1961-61 - 5 ex.)
Tipo 64 (V12 cyl, 2989 cm³) - new model

1st 1000km Nürburgring     Gregory/Casner
3rd Pescara GP     Boffa
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 30.04.1961 Entrant: Results:    
#         gen. category class
138 A6 GCS/53   Samonà/De Sarzana   nc nc nc  
140 200 SI   Riolo / Bernabei Centro Sud fail. - -  
142 Tipo 60   Todaro / Boffa Serenissima fail. - -  
144 A6 GCS/53   Allotta / Semilia   acc. - -  
152 T63   Vaccarella/Trintignant Serenissima 4th 4th - sport 2nd - 2.0-3.0
158 T63   Maglioli / Scarlatti Serenissima 5th 5th - sport 3rd - 2.0-3.0
24h Le Mans 10.06.1961 Entrant: Results: Index:
#   chassis     gen. class perf. eff.
6 Tipo 63 #63010 Hansgen/McLaren Cunningham acc. - - -
7 Tipo 63 #63002 Pabst/Thompson Cunningham 4th 3rd sport 3.0 9th  
9 Tipo 63 #63008 Scarfiotti/Vaccarella Serenissima fail. - - -
24 Tipo 60 #2468 Cunningham/Kimberly Cunningham 8th 3rd sport 2.0 7th  

Targa Florio, A6 GCS/53

Maserati Tipo 63 entered by Serenissima in Targa Florio. Nino Vaccarella and Maurice Trintignant finished 4th overall, 4th in Sport category and 2nd in 2001-3000 cc class. Other T63 #158 with Umberto Maglioli - Giorgio Scarlatti was 5th, 5th and 3rd respectively.

Targa Florio, 200 SI

Targa Florio, Tipo 60 'Birdcage' # 142 (Scuderia Serenissima)

Tipo 63 chassis #63008, engine: 2989 cm³ (Ludovico Scarfiotti / Nino Vaccarella) by Scuderia Serenissima at Le Mans.

1000 km Nürburgring. Masten Gregory (with Casner) in the Maserati Tipo 61 (Camoradi International Racing Team).