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Maserati 1947

A6 1500 (1488 cm³, 65 cv) - Geneva


A6 1500 Pinin Farina

At the 1947 Geneva Motor Show, the A6 was unveiled as a two-door 'berlinetta', designed by Pinin Farina with its modified 1488cc engine (the ignition and induction were simplified and it was eqipped with one carburettor instead of three) now producing 65 bhp and a top speed of 150 km/h.
Pinin Farina introduced a new version with re-styled headlamps and an additional side window only a few months after the debut of the 'A6'.


4 CL (R4 cyl, 1491 cm, 220 cv) - discontinued (1939-47 - 26 ex.)
A6G CS (R6 cyl, 1979 cm, 130 cv) - new model

Drugie miejsce (Louveau) w GP Francji.
Drugie miejsce (Bonetto) w GP Pescara (I)
Zwycięstwo (Villoresi) w GP Argentyny.
Trzecie miejsce (Horn) w 500 mil Indianapolis (USA).
Drugie miejsce (Bonetto) w Targa Abruzzo (I).

A6 GCS 580 kg single-seater and cycle-winged racing car first appeared at Modena 1947 by Luigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari.

Ferrari 125 S and Maserati A6 at GP Piazenza.

A6 GCS at Turin GP.