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Maserati 1946



In early 1946 the engine, known as the 'A6TR' ('Testa Riportata'), was first used in a 'Barchetta' - a collaboration between Ernesto Maserati and engineer Alberto Massimino for a loyal customer, one Guido Barbieri. The Barchetta prototype, officially named the '6CS/46' but more commonly known as the 'A6 Sport', had a rather short motor sport career. The same can be said of another model constructed some months later and driven by 'Gigi' Villoresi in a few races without much success.


4 CL (R4 cyl, 1491 cm, 220 cv)
8 CL (R8 cyl, 3981 cm, 415 cv) - dicontinued (1940-46 - 2 ex.)

Trzecie miejsce (Horn) w 500 mil Indianapolis (USA).
Potrójne zwycięstwo (Pelassa) (Basadonna) (Piugpalu) w GP Penya Rhin (E).

4CL Coupe De La Resistance Bois De Boulogne Arialdo Ruggieri

4CL GP De Marseilles Tazio Nuvolari Raymond Sommer

4CL GP Nice