Classic Car Catalogue

Marquez 1979

  wb: 2250 mm B4 cyl.
1585 cm³
54 cv
Mark GTM Coupé


Marquez Veiculos Ltda.,
Av. Siqueira Campos, 443,15,990 Matão SP, Brazil
The small factory is located in the state of Sao Paulo. Designed by son of the Puma founder Malzoni the Marquez uses VW do Brasil components. A 1.6-litre VW boxer drives the rear wheels through four-speed transmission. The chassis is a central tubular frame. Front axle with double ifs and torsion bar springs, rear swing axle with trailing links. Disc brakes in front. First as a coupe, now also available as a convertible. Top speed 150 km/h