Classic Car Catalogue

Marendaz 1930

11-55 hp 4-cyl.    
14-55 hp 8-cyl.    
14-125 hp 8-cyl. supercharged    

Great Britain

Motor Sport; Sports Models for 1931 October 1930
The whole programme of Marendaz cars is made up of sports models. There will be three types, the 11-55 h.p., the 14-55 h.p. unsupercharged straight-eight and the 14-125 h.p. supercharged straight-eight.
11-55 h.p.—engine: 4-cylinder, 69 mm. bore x 100 mm. stroke, side valves, detachable head, dry sump lubrication, oil radiator; clutch: single plate; gearbox: four-speeds; back-axle: full-floating spiral-bevel type; suspension: half eliiptics in front, cantilever at rear; Rudge-Whitworth wheels; Marles steering. Price : chassis £425, 2-seater £495, 3/4-seater £525, sports coupe £550.
14-55 h.p. and 14-125 h.p. types—engine: straight-8, 52 mm. bore x 88 mm. stroke; gear box: 4-speeds; back axle: full floating, spiral bevel type; RudgeWhitworth wheels; suspension: half-elliptic front, cantilever rear; oil radiator; Marles steering. The supercharged model has a guaranteed speed of 115 m.p.h. Chassis prices : unsupercharged £600, supercharged £750.