Classic Car Catalogue

Lotus 1977


Great Britain



Elite (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Hatchback (wb: 98 in)



Eclat (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 98 in)



Esprit (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 96 in)


78 (F-1) (Ford-Cosworth DFV, V8 cyl, 2993cc) - new model
  Mario Andretti (5)
  Gunnar Nilsson (6)

1st (M. Andretti) US West GP (Lotus 78)
1st (M. Andretti) Spanish GP (Lotus 78)
1st (G. Nilsson) Belgian GP (Lotus 78)
1st (M. Andretti) French GP (Lotus 78)
3rd (G. Nilsson) British GP (Lotus 78)
1st (M. Andretti) Italian GP (Lotus 78)
2nd (M. Andretti) USA GP (Lotus 78)
2nd Constructors F-1 World Champion (Lotus 78)

Lotus 78 (John Player Special Mk. III) is loosely based on the Lotus 72, sharing the same basic wedge shape and internal layout, but featuring detailed aerodynamic improvements, better weight distribution and a longer wheelbase. Cleverly shaped floor of the car accelerates the air passing through the gap between the ground and the underside, thereby reducing the air pressure under the car relative to that over it. This creates a partial vacuum, effectively sucking the vehicle down which forces the tyres harder onto the track. Its debut took place at the Argentinian GP where Mario Andretti finished 5th.


Esprit James Bond 007