Classic Car Catalogue

Lotus 1975

Europa - discontinued in September (1966-75 - 9230 ex.)
Eclat - October
Esprit - October

Great Britain

Launched at Paris Motor Show Eclat is effectively a fastback coupe version of the Elite. The whole front of the body shell up to B-pillars is the same but with sloping back and small boot lid instead of large third door.
The all-new mid-engined Esprit is a direct replacement for the Europa. It has designed by Bertone two-seat fiberglass body supported on 96in backbone chassis. The suspension is all-independant with disc brakes all around the rear being mounted inboard. The same as Elite/Eclat 2-litre 19-valve Lotus engine is mounted behind the seats driving rear wheels through modified Citroen SM / Maserati Merak five-speed gearbox.



Special (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 136 bhp) - discontinued

Equipped with a big-valve twin-cam engine and a five-speed gearbox which still uses Renault parts, the latest mid-engined Lotus adds impressive performance to its famous combination of road holding, braking and riding comfort. Luggage compartments at front and rear carry a useful amount of baggage. The body is in glass fibre on a steel backbone chassis with all-independent suspension which gives controllability of racing standards.
London report



Elite (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Hatchback (wb: 98 in)

LOTUS ELITE 501 from £5,336
First true four-seater from Lotus and their most expensive car so far. Low-drag bodywork moulded in three pieces by a new injection process, steel backbone chassis and all-independent suspension produce a fast car with true Lotus handling. Alloy wheels and wiper for the lift-up rear window are included. More expensive 502 has air conditioning, halogen headlamps, stereo radio and tape player/recorder.

London report



Eclat (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp) - new model
   Coupé (wb: 98 in)



Esprit (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp) - new model
   Coupé (wb: 96 in)


72E / 72F (F-1) (Ford-Cosworth V8, 2993cc) - discontinued
   Ronnie Peterson (5)
   Jacky Ickx (6)
   Jim Crawford (6)
   John Watson (6)
   Brian Henton (6)(15)

2nd (J. Ickx) Spanish GP (Lotus 72)