Classic Car Catalogue

Lotus 1968

Seven s.2 - discontinued
Seven s.3 - new model
Elan s.3 - discontinued
Elan s.4 - March
Elan Plus 2 / Plus 2S

Great Britain

Seven s.3 look the same as the previous series but cycle-type wings are no longer available. The base engine is now Ford "Kent" 1297 cc Escort GT or 1598 cc Cortina unit. Rear axle is Ford Mexico type giving wider track covered by wider rear wings. Front disc brakes are standard.
Elan S4 has wider wheels and flared arches, servo brakes, new fascia and a bonnet bulge to acommodate alternative carburettors.
Elan Plus 2S has enhanced interior trim.
Europa S2 from 1968 had improved interior electric windows, and body bolted to chassis
instead of being bonded.

Colin Chapman, twice World Champion Car Constructor with the 500th Elan and the new Elan +2.



Seven s.2 - discontinued
   997 cc - Ford
   948 - BMC
   1498 cc - Ford
Seven s.3 - new model
   1297 cc - Ford
   1598 cc - Ford

Super Seven



Elan s.3/s.4 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 105 bhp)
Elan s.3/s.4 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 84 in.)
   Roadster (wb: 84 in.)

Elan s.3 Drophead Coupé

Elan s.3 Fixed Head Coupé

Elan s.4


Elan Plus 2

Elan +2/+2S (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 118 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 96 in.)



Europa s.1A (R4 cyl, 1470 cc, 80 bhp) - discontinued
Europa s.2 (R4 cyl, 1565 cc, 83 bhp) - new model

Eurpoa s.1

Europa s.2


49 / 49B (F-1) (90° V8 Ford-Cosworth DFV)
41 (F-2 & -3) - discontinued
48 (F-2) (Ford FVA 1600cc)
56 (Indy) (gas turbine, 4wd) - new model
47 (race car based on Europa)

Drugie miejsce (G.Hill) w GP USA w modelu Lotus-Ford 49.
Zwycięstwo (G. Hill) w GP Hiszpanii - Lotus 49.
Zwycięstwo (Siffert) w GP Wielkiej Brytanii - Lotus 49.
Drugie miejsce (G.Hill) w GP Niemiec - Lotus 49.
Zwycięstwo (G.Hill) w GP Monaco - Lotus 49.
Podwójne zwycięstwo (Clark) (G.Hill) w GP Afryki Płd - Lotus 49.
Pierwsze (G.Hill) i trzecie (Oliver) miejsce w GP Meksyku - Lotus 49.
Mistrzostwo Świata Wyścigów Formuły 1 (G. Hill) - Lotus 49.

From the second GP race (Spain) Lotus 49 gained Gold Leaf cigarettes colours.

Lotus-Ford 49 (Rob Walker Racing Team) with Jo Siffert at French GP, Rouen-Les-Essarts.

Lotus-Ford 49B (Rob Walker Racing Team). Jo Siffert the winner of British GP, Brands Hatch.


Lotus 49B

Graham Hill driving the Lotus 49B at Monaco Grand Prix.

The winner of the Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, Graham Hill in the Lotus-Ford 49B (Gold Leaf Team Lotus).

Indianapolis 500. The Invaders The Pilots Parnelli Jones and Jim Clark in cockpits of the turbines Lotus Pratt & Whitney 56 during test session with Andy Granatelli (Team manager) and Colin Chapman (designer-constructor).

Indianapolis 500. Graham Hill in the Lotus 56, Retired (crash, 110 lap).