Classic Car Catalogue

Lotus 1966

Seven s.2
Elan s.2 / S.3
Europa - new model
Lotus Cortina - discontinued in September

Great Britain

Nowa wersja Elan S.E. (Special Equipment) ma moc 115 KM. Opcję tę wprowadzono na początku roku. W połowie roku Elan s.2 roadster został zastąpiony przez s.3 z metalowymi obramowaniami bocznych, sterowanych elektrycznie szyb i składanym dachem nowej kostrukcji.

Elan S3 roadster gets all the Coupé improvements and a new hood. All S3s get centre lock disc wheels, and higher final drive ratio, optional close ratio box. SE version has 115 bhp engine and servo brakes.
Europa is first British mid engined road car from Lotus with Elan type back bone chassis and Renault 16 engine and transaxle. "Breadvan" style fibre glass body is bonded to chassis on early cars making repairs difficult. Cramped cockpit has poor visibility and fixed windows, but handling is best around. Top speed is 105 mph.

LOTUS ELAN - ROAD car with racing car road-holding, in coupe or convertible form. Redesign of the convertible has brought more comfort and greater luggage space. Doors now have electrically controlled windows operating in fixed frames and hood stowage is neater. Other changes mean extra strength in the body, reduced maintenance. Body is in glass fibre on a backbone chassis with all-independent suspension. £ 1,262 + £ 290 p.t. = £ 1,552



Seven s.2
997 cc - Ford
948 - BMC
1498 cc - Ford



Elan s.2 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 105 bhp) - disconrinued
Elan s.2 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - new model - discontinued
Elan s.3 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 105 bhp)
Elan s.3 (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - new model
   Roadster - new model

Elan series 3 roadster

Elan series 3 coupé



Europa (R4 cyl, 1470 cc, 78 bhp) - new model


Lotus Cortina

Cortina (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - discontinued
  Saloon 2-door

Cortina Lotus in the USA.

Lotus Cortina Mk I Convertible by Crayford


33 (F-1) (90° V8 Coventry-Climax 1909cc) - discontinued
43 (F-1) (BRM H-16) - new model
41 (F-2 & -3) - new model
38 (Indy) (Ford V8, 4195cc)
47 (race car based on Europa) - new model

Zwycięstwo (Clark) w GP USA modelu Lotus-BRM 43.
Trzecie miejsce (Clark) w GP Holandii modelu Lotus-Climax 33.
Drugie miejsce (Clark) w 500 mil Indianapolis (USA) modelu Lotus-Ford 38.

Jim Clark, Lotus-BRM 43 #22, Team Lotus (Ret).

Lotus-BRM 43-H16 (Team Lotus). Jim Clark won USA GP, Watkins Glen.