Classic Car Catalogue

Lincoln 1977

Versailles – new model
Continental Mark V – new model


24 pages brochure.


wb: 109.9 in. V8 cyl.
351 cid
135 h.p.
V8 cyl.
302 cid
Price Prod.
Sedan std. * $11,500 15,434

* 400 cid engine is standard in California only.

The time-honored qualities inherent in the traditional-size Continentals assume a new dimension in the 1977 Lincoln Versailles. The luxury car buyer will experience a high degree of elegance and riding comfort in this convenient, practical-size four-door luxury sedan.
Lincoln Versailles offers unique values in the smaller luxury car market for those who are accustomed to luxury car ownership. It offers the widely accepted Continental tradition of styling excellence . . . the distinctive Continental vertical grille and deck lid contour . . . and a high level of rich interior appointments. An uncommon number of Versailles standard features are available only as optional items on most luxury cars.
The product of advanced engineering, Versailles combines an incredibly smooth ride with the handling and manoeuvrability provided by its smaller, practical size.
The Lincoln Versailles offers a sound investment in a tradition of styling and engineering
excellence. It opens a new dimension for sales opportunities in the luxury car market.
In addition to Versailles classic exterior appearance and rich interiors, innovative engineering is a key element that elevates Versailles to the level of quality for which the Continental luxury car family is famous.
Versailles is unique in many Important respects . . . including special wheels and tires a precision-balanced drive train . . . specially tested shock absorbers . . . newly designed steering coupling . . . rigid sheet metal structural reinforcements . . . and extensive use of sound insulation materials. These and many other unique features help provide Lincoln Versailles with an impressive ride and interior quietness level.
Superb quality is especially evident in Versailles "mirror-like" Clearcoat paint finish found on no other domestic luxury car. The Clearcoat finish is a highly pigmented acrylic enamel basecoat with a clear acrylic enamel final coat. This durable and highly lustrous finish, hand buffed and hand polished, is both beautiful and distinctive.
And finally, every Lincoln Versailles must pass rigorous quality assurance tests. The Vehicle Electrical Test System (VETS) – checks 50 items for electrical reliability . . . the Burke-Porter Road Simulator test – helps assure that desired interior quietness levels are attained . . . and the Prestige Assurance Program – comprehensive pre-delivery inspection – checks important functional and appearance items before each car leaves the plant.
With this meticulous attention to detail, the proud Continental heritage is carried onward to a new standard of small luxury car beauty and excellence
. . . the Lincoln Versailles.

Versailles 16 pages brochure.



  wb: 127.2 in. V8 cyl.
460 cid
208 h.p.
V8 cyl.
400 cid
179 h.p.
Price Prod.
Sedan std. * $9,636 68,160
Town Car Sedan std. *  
Continental Coupé std. * $9,474 27,444
Town Car Coupé std. *  

* 400 cid engine is standard in California only.


The silver Williansburg model shown with optional remote control right-hand mirror.

Continental Town Coupé in cinamon moondust with coach roof, custom paint stripes, premium bodyside moldings, dual wide-band whitewall tires, remote control right-hand mirror, illuminated entry system, defroster group and forged aluminum wheels.

Continental Town Car with optional opera windows, forged aluminum wheels, custom paint stripes, remote control right-hand mirror, defroster group and premium bodyside moldings.

Continental Sedan with coach roof, premium bodyside moldings, custom paint stripes, defroster group, luxury wheel covers, illuminated entry system and remote control right-hand mirror.

Continental Coupé with optional leather vinyl interior.

Continental Mark V

  wb: 120.4 in. V8 cyl.
400 cid
197 h.p.
V8 cyl.
460 cid
208 h.p.
Price Prod.
Continental Mark V Coupe std. opt.* $11,396 80,321

* 460 cid engine not available in California.

Continental Mark V with dual wide-band white sidewalls, remote-control right-hand mirror and illuminated entry system,
turbine-styled cast aluminum wheels and custom paint stripes.

Mark V with power moonroof, Landau vinyl roof, turbine-styled cast aluminum wheels and custom paint stripes.

Continental Mark V

Some of the most significant designers in the world coordinated the colors and put their names on limited editions of the new Mark. The is the Givenchy Edition Mark V. Richly metallic in dark jade, warmly accented by chamois. Options shown are dual wide-band white sidewalls, illuminated entry system, and remote control right-hand mirror. Models' fashions by Givenchy.

The Cartier Edition Mark V. Elegantly understated in subtle tones and textures. Features common to all Designer Series Marks are turbine-styled cast aluminum wheels and a 22-karat gold finish instrument panel plaque, personalized with the owner's name. Dual wide-band white sidewalls, and illuminated entry system shown are optional.

The Pucci Edition Mark V. Cayman grain patent leather appearance for the white roof. And a formal interior of white leather and vinyl with black trim. Mark V options shown are dual wide-band white sidewalls, illuminated entry system, and remote control right-hand mirror. Women's fashions by Pucci.

The Bill Blass Edition Mark V. Darkly brilliant midnight blue contrasts with chamois color and pigskin texture. As are all Marks, each designer Edition is assembled and finished at the exclusive Continental production facility in Wixom, Michigan. Mark V options shown are dual wide-band white sidewalls, and illuminated entry system. Models' fashions by Bill Blass.