Classic Car Catalogue

Lincoln 1975

Continental Mark IV


24 pages brochure.

Over the past three years, in tests of riding comfort and driving ease, owners of the other luxury car have compared Lincoln Continental against models of their own make car. In these tests a majority of the owners said that the Lincoln Continental had a more comfortable ride and was easier to drive.
The new 1975 Continentals are built to continued their winning record. The Lincoln Continentals have been redesigned to offer and even greater degree of quiet, an even higher degree of luxury. And redesigned to challenge the other luxury car again. The look of the 1975 Lincoln Continentals is all new. The Coupé has a roofline and rear quarter window that make it more glamorous than it has ever been. The Sedan is one of the most impressive looking cars in Lincoln Continental history.
The Sedan's opera windows are inspired by the Continental Mark IV. Standard are tilt steering wheel, power windows, power door locks, and remote control trunk release. Standard too, are automatic temperature control, and white sidewall steel-belted radial ply tyres.
Inside, the luxury of the Lincoln Continentals' interiors excel for 1975. A new spaciousness has been added to the rear compartment of the Coupé, which increased legroom and headroom.
Even the Lincoln Continental instrument panel has a new look, handsome yet functional. A beautiful timepiece, signed by the famous jeweler Cartier, is standard on all models, with the digital timepiece featured on the Lincoln Continental.
The Continental Mark IV shows a subtle evolution. The beautiful new rear window treatment and the new Mark IV Normande vinyl roof continue to make it perhaps the most distinctive car on the American road.
The Continental's engineering improvements include a central system to supply its hydraulic power. it supplies the power assist for our new rotary valve steering gear, a design which reduces the steering effort on the 1975 Continentals.
The central hydraulic system also supplies power for our new Hydro-boost braking. A new hydraulically assisted system that replaces the engine vacuum power assist and provides positive breaking with even pedal pressure.



wb: 127.2 in. V8 cyl.
7536 cm³
206 h.p.
Sedan $9,656 33,513
Town Car Sedan std.
Continental Coupé $9,214 21,185
Town Car Coupé std.


Continental Mark IV

wb: 120.4 in. V8 cyl.
7536 cm³
194 h.p.
Price Prod.  
Mark IV 2 Door Coupé $11,082 47,145