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Lincoln brochure.

The 1974 Continentals

If you are considering the purchase of a luxury car in 1974, you are prudent to be interested in the Continentals. Their claims for your consideration are substantial and persuasive.
The Lincoln Continentals and the Continental Mark IV have been remarkably successful in tests against models of the other leading make of luxury car.
Last year, owners of the other make of luxury car evaluated the Lincoln Continental for riding comfort and the Continental Mark IV for driving ease against their own make of car.
In Bel-Air, California, blindfolded, these owners compared a new model of their make of sedan and the Lincoln Continental. Sixty-four of the one hundred participants picked the Continental as having the more comfortable ride. Then, with their eyes open, they compared the Mark IV and the other make of personal luxury car for driving case. Sixty-six of the one hundred participants chose the Mark IV as being easier to drive.
There are good reasons why a nationwide survey reveals that in the last two years alone, over twenty thousand drivers of the other leading make of luxury car have switched to the Continentals. Among the reasons given for switching are prestige, comfort, handling, styling, quietness and value.
There are also these important facts to consider.
The Continental Mark IV has one of the highest resale values of any American luxury car.
Moreover, a nationwide survey conducted last year showed that a significantly greater proportion of owners of new Lincoln Continentals were completely satisfied with their cars after three months' experience than were owners of the other leading luxury make.
The 1974 Continentals have been engineered and equipped to be even more satisfying than last year's highly favoured models.
Now when you read the following pages you will have some real perspective on what you can expect from the 1974 Continentals.
You will understand why owners of the other luxury car have begun to judge their car by our car.



wb: 127.2 in. V8 cyl.
7536 cm³
219 h.p.
Sedan $8,238 29,351
Town Car Sedan std.
Continental Coupé $8,053 7,318
Town Car Coupé std.

The 1974
Lincoln Continental Sedan

In recent years, the Continental Sedan has been constantly chosen in tests by a majority of owners of the other luxury make as having a more comfortable ride than their own make of car. For 1974, ride superiority has remained an essential criterion for Lincoln Continental design.
A magnificent, time-proven 460 CID 4-bbl. V-8 engine powers the Lincoln Continental. Now equipped with Solid State ignition.
Standard equipment includes Select-Shift automatic transmission with three speeds for maximum smoothness. Power windows, six-way power front seats, power front disc brakes, and power steering.
Also, our remarkable automatic temperature control. You simply select the desired climate. It is then maintained constantly.
The Continental suspension is tuned to realize the optimum riding benefits of the steel-belted radial ply tires. Standard equipment, of course.
Another element of Lincoln Continental comfort is the commodious interior. Equal legroom back and front, with the front seat in its rearmost position. Thick eighteen-ounce cut-pile carpeting is throughout.
Many of the most luxurious touches in the 1974 Lincoln Continental are standard. A Cartier timepiece, signed by the famous jeweler. AM radio, with four speakers: two front, two rear. Lights for every interior compartment, even the ashtrays.
Luxurious comforts to match one of the automotive industry's most luxurious rides.

The 1974
Lincoln Continental Coupé

Spacious and graceful, our Coupé shares the fabulously smooth, quiet ride and case of driving of our Sedan. Benchmarks for the luxury car field.
The ease of entry and exit of the Lincoln Continental Coupé are among its most desirable characteristics.
Among other luxurious touches are the fully carpeted 20.5-cubic-foot luggage compartment. Simulated rosewood woodgrain applique on the meticulously designed instrument panel. Power windows, six-way power seats, power steering and power front disc brakes. Three-speed Select-Shift automatic transmission, Solid State ignition, automatic temperature control, tinted glass and automatic seat back release.
Of course, so luxurious a Coupé has such luxurious options as illuminated visor vanity mirrors, six-way power Twin Comfort Lounge Seats and imaginative exterior color options. Four Moondust colors in silver blue, red, lime gold and gold metallics, and four Diamond Fire colors in medium blue, ivy, light ginger and dark copper metallics.
Roof options include a Power sunroof and Cavalry twill vinyl roof.
Certainly an important option is the Sure-Track brake system. An electronic computer-controlled braking system which improves braking stability by helping prevent sustained rear wheel lockup on ice, snow or wet pavement.
The 1974 Lincoln Continental Coupé. A most distinguished alternative to the Sedan.

The 1974
Lincoln Continental
Town Cars

Formal cars of elegance and distinction.
The Lincoln Continental Town Car and Town Coupé have the luxury and conveniences of the Lincoln Continental, with added features and appointments which make them truly distinctive motorcars.
A Cavalry twill vinyl roof in a choice of eight colors. Full-width head restraints. Extra touches of elegance everywhere: drawing-room thick, twenty-five ounce cut-pile carpeting. A fully carpeted luggage compartment. A glove compartment vanity mirror and initials on the doors arc among the personal luxuries that are standard on these splendid cars.
The seating surfaces are fine cowhide leather, or you may select magnificently tailored Velour Twin Comfort Lounge Seats. Color choices include: black, beige, medium green, gold or silver blue.
The famous Continental smooth, quiet ride and case of driving perfectly complement these cars.
There is no compromising luxury in the 1974 Town Cars.


Continental Mark IV

wb: 120.4 in. V8 cyl.
7536 cm³
208 h.p.
Price Prod.  
Mark IV 2 Door Coupé $10,194 57,316  

The 1974
Continental Mark IV

The car that has become a legend in its own time.
The Continental Mark IV is one of the most desirable and most wanted personal American luxury cars of this decade. A car whose classically beautiful simplicity will challenge the years.
An important endorsement of its desirability is that, since its introduction, the Mark IV has enjoyed one of the highest resale values of any American luxury car.
Undoubtedly, cardinal reasons for the success of the Continental Mark IV are its winning riding comfort and case of driving which distinguish all Continentals.
For 1974, the Mark IV will have new, sophisticated insulation against outside sound, thick twenty-five ounce cut-pile carpeting throughout the luxurious interior.
The luxury continues with a precisely designed instrument panel which features a Cartier timepiece, signed by the renowned Fifth Avenue jeweler, and AM/FM/MPX stereo radio; six-way power Twin Comfort Lounge Seats with controls located on the armrest.
Options include a tilting steering wheel which allows easier entrance and exit, illuminated visor vanity mirrors, power-operated sunroof, and a dual exhaust system.
The Continental Mark IV is among the great cars of the world.

The 1974
Continental Mark IV with Silver Luxury Group Option
The 1974
Continental Mark IV with Gold Luxury Group Option

The ultimate gesture in luxury.
America's consummate luxury car.
Once you have the Continental quiet ride, and ease of handling, and more of the most desirable luxuries offered standard, is there more?
There is gold.
For 1974 there is a gold Continental Mark IV.
The exterior is prized Unique Gold Diamond Fire.
The interior has tan leather seating surfaces, with dark brown accent straps and tan door panels and carpeting.
The roof is Gold Flare Levant grain vinyl. The gold glass Moonroof is a magnificent option.
Twenty-five ounce color-keyed cut-pile carpeting is standard, even in the luggage compartment.
Every Mark IV is also equipped with the Sure-Track brake system, Solid State ignition, and steel-belted radial ply tires for which the car has been tuned to obtain their maximum riding benefits.
The 1974 Continental Mark IV in gold. Rarely has so much personal luxury and comfort been combined in such a splendidly rewarding automobile.