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Lincoln 1954 


wb: 123 in. V8 cyl. ohv
205 hp
Price Prod.
Capri Convertible $4,031 1,951
  Hardtop Coupé $3,869 14,003
  Sedan $3,711 13,598
Cosmopolitan Sedan $3,522 4,447
  Hardtop Sport Coupé $3,625 2,994





 2 Door Convertible
 2 Door Hardtop Coupé
 4 Door Sedan


Capri Special Custom Coupé

Capri Convertible

Capri Special Custom Coupé


Capri Special Custom Coupé

Capri Convertible

Capri Sedan


 2 Door Hardtop Sport Coupé  
 4 Door Sedan






Lincoln Capri Show Car at the Chicago Motor Show.


Making a distinctive debut in Chicago is the forward-looking Lincoln Capri with a transparent top treatment. Bench seats are upholstered in gray, accented by an overlaid of black and light gray chalk stripes. Ceiling is white gabardine.

F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6)   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class  
103 Capri   Faulkner / Hainley Lincoln 10th T+3.5 2nd
117 Capri   de Rosa / Bustos T. de Rosa 37th T+3.5 11th
124 Capri   Fonseca / Juarez Baja California 26th T+3.5 10th
149 Capri   Crawford / Iglesias Lincoln 9th T+3.5 1st
* only finishing cars listed.


Carrera Panamericana class winner.