Classic Car Catalogue

Leyland Australia 1973

Kimberly Mk II — discontinued
Tasman Mk II — discontinued
P76 — new model


The remaining several thousand X6's were sold throughout the year.  New stock was still available in June when Leyland launched the P76.
The Marina recieved a new grille and lost its 'Morris' badge. Towards the end of the year the six cylinder version was launched.


wb: 2440 mm 4 cyl.
1485 cc
68 bhp (DIN)
75 bhp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1748 cc
72 bhp (DIN)
85 bhp (SAE)
6 cyl.
2623 cc
bhp (DIN)
123 bhp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr        
Coupe 2-dr        



Austin X6 Mk II

wb: 2750 mm 6 cyl.
2227 cc
103 hp (SAE)
Saloon 4-dr Tasman
Saloon 4-dr Kimberly


Austin Kimberly

Austin Tasman


wb: 111.24 in
(2826 mm)
6 cyl. ohc
2623 cc
123 bhp (SAE)
V8 cyl.
4416 cc
195 bhp (SAE)
Saloon 4-dr Standard -
  Executive -



Mini Moke



Mini Moke developed from the Mini is not built in England anymore. Five years ago its production was transferred to Australia. Compared to the original design, it first received a 1000 and now a 1275 cc engine, 13 "instead of the 10" wheels and different suspension.