Classic Car Catalogue

Lea Francis 1951

Great Britain

14 hp Saloon / Estate (1767cc, 65hp)
14/70 Saloon (1767cc, 65hp) – ost.rok
18 hp (2496cc, 95hp)
2½-Litre Sports (2496cc, 95hp)


Lea-Francis Fourteen four-light Saloon was introduced in October 1950. Powered by the 1767-cc 65-bhp engine with a four-speed gearbox this four/five-seater is styled on traditional lines, unlike the more modern sweeping appearance of the Fourteen Mark VI six-light Saloon which was redesignated the 14/70 in 1950 until it ceased production in 1951. Full hydraulic brakes. Independent front suspension available also in Estate Car. The 2½ -Litre Sports continues unchanged.




14 HP


18 HP