Classic Car Catalogue

Lea Francis 1948

Great Britain

12 and 14 Saloon / Estate (1767cc, 65hp)
12 and 14 Sports (1767cc, 77hp)
14/70 Saloon (1767cc, 65hp) – October



Lea-Francis Cars Ltd of Coventry, in addition to their Fourteen Saloon, Coupé and Utility models, offers 14 HP 1767-cc Sports Two-seater on 8 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis. On the home market it is priced at £1276. It is also available with a 12 HP 1496-cc engine, at the same price.

14 hp from 1948, hydro mechanical brakes. Six light body style alternative.
12 Sports no longer available.
14/70 based on 14 hp. chassis but has an independent front suspension.


12 and 14 Saloon




12 and 14 Sports




14/70 Saloon


14/70 Saloon