Classic Car Catalogue

Lea Francis 1939

Great Britain

13 HP (4 cyl, 1629 cm³, 50-65 KM)

Lea Francis 13 HP

Four-light Saloon


Lea-Francis Four-light Saloon and Six-light Saloon both costs £395. A Drophead Coupé is available at £410. All has 9 ft 3 in wheelbase. Either a 12 or 14 H P engine could be ordered. They are four-cylinder Twin-OHC units of 1496-cc and 1629-cc capacity. Both has 100-mm bore, but stroke is 69 and 72 mm respectively.

1 ½ litre Super Sports.

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     1 14 Wilby   62nd