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Lea Francis 1932


Great Britain

Hyper Sports
Lea-Francis 1½ -Litre Hyper-Sports Four-seater Tourer is one of several models offered with super-charged engine. The 1496-cc (69 x 100 mm) OHV four-cylinder engine develops 72 bhp and is rated at 11.9 HP. The Cozette blower (super-charger) is driven at engine speed by bevel gears direct from the crankshaft. Gearbox is four-speed, wheelbase 9 ft 3 in. Price of Tourer and Two Seater model is £550. Fabric Saloon version costs £650.
Lea-Francis 16/70 HP De Luxe Coachbuilt Saloon is sold for £495 (£505 with sliding roof) and has a 50-bhp 1991-cc (65 x 100 mm) OHC six-cylinder power unit, rated at 15.7 HP. Lea-Francis 2-Litre models are generally similar but has 9 ft 3 in vs. 9 ft 6 in wheelbase, single spare wheel and other detail differences.
Motor Sport May 1932
A visit to the Lea Francis works which I made recently revealed scenes of considerable activity. The well-known 12-40 four cylinder is being continued, but most of the factory's energies are being devoted to the new two litre "16-70." The power unit is a six cylinder designed by Mr. Van Eugen of Lea Francis, and is of noticeably clean finish. Cylinder block and crank-case are in one, and I was told that Invar strut alloy pistons are used and that the connecting rods are duralumin, with plain big ends.
The valves are operated by an overhead camshaft running in needle bearings with further locating bearings, and special attention has been devoted to lubrication. A down draft Stromberg carburettor has given excellent results, and allows a speed-range of 5 to over 75 m.p.h. on top.
The gear-box is of tubular section and, I should say, should prove extremely strong. It is fitted with a silent third gear and right hand change.
The Hyper-Sports 1½ litre supercharged, which is, of course, fitted with a Meadows engine and Cozette supercharger, is being continued in two and four-seater form. The lines of the former have been much improved by increasing the length of the tail. A sensible detail of the four seater cars is that they are provided with two spare wheels. The 1½ litre Hyper Sports costs £550 in two or four seater form, while the price of the six-cylinder is £445.

16/70 Saloon De Luxe



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15.05.1932 Brooklands Junior Mountain Handicap         C. T. Delaney 1,496 c.c. 3rd
20.08.1932 Tourist Trophy   1 0 11 Billie Sullivan Hyper S fail.
01.08.1932 Brooklands Senior Mountain Handicap         C. T. Delaney 1,496 c.c. (s) 1st
10.09.1932 Brooklands Senior Mountain Handicap         C. T. Delaney 1,496 c.c. (s) 3rd
Motor Sport July 1932

The annual Brooklands Inter Club Meeting.