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Lancia 1973

Fulvia Coupé
2000 Coupé
Beta Coupé - new model
Stratos - new model



Fulvia Coupé

1,3 S V4 cyl., 1298 ccm,  90 cv - discontinued
1600 HF Lusso V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - discontinued
1,3 S Montecarlo V4 cyl., 1298 ccm, 90 cv - discontinued
    Coupé   wb: 2330 mm    
Coupé  V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 90 cv - new model
Montecarlo V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - new model
Coupé  wb: 2330 mm  

Updated Coupé introduced for 1974, mechanically is the same as the earlier Series 2 1.3 S except for the addition of emission control on the Solex carburettors. Other than for "Fulvia 3" badges, it differs by its matte black grille. It features new design of seats incorporating headrests and new white faced instrument dials with an updated range of trim colours, materials and options. Same updates for the Montecarlo.
Safari is a limited edition based on the standard Coupé 3 with simplified trim and equipment, celebrating the Fulvia's participation to the Safari Rally. It came without bumpers, with matte black exterior trim, seats upholstered in denim cloth and leatherette, exterior badges on the bonnet and on the boot lid and also special numbered plaque on the dashboard.



1400  R4 cyl., 2ohc 1438 cm³ 90 cv  
1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1592 cm³ 100 cv  
1800 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1756 cm³ 110 cv  
Berlina  wb: 2540 mm  

LANCIA BETA From £1,594
First new product from the old-established Italian manufacturer since being absorbed by Fiat, is the front-drive Beta range. All models use the four-door unitary saloon body but there is a choice of three twin over-head camshaft engines from 1438 to 1756 c.c. Designated 1400, 1600, and 1800, all three motors are derived from the well-proven four cylinder Fiat units with cog-belt-driven camshafts. The inclined engines are mounted transversely and drive the front wheels through five-speed gearboxes. Internal trim is luxurious and suspension is all-independent.

London Show review



2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv  
2000 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Berlina wb: 2650 mm


2000 Coupé

2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv  
2000 HF  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Coupé  wb: 2480 mm


Beta Coupé

1600  R4 cyl., 2ohc 1592 cm³ 108 cv - new model
1800 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1756 cm³ 120 cv - new model
Coupé  wb: 2350 mm  


Stratos HF

HF  V6 cyl., 2418 cm³ 190 cv - new model
Coupé  wb: 2180 mm  



1st Rallye di Sicilia #1 Fulvia HF 1600 Munari / Mannucci
2nd Rallye di Sicilia #3 Fulvia HF 1600 Ballestrieri / Maiga
1st Italian Rally Championship (Fulvia HF)
2nd Targa Florio #4 Stratos Munari / Andruet
Entries and results:
 Targa Florio 13.05.1973 Entrant: Results:
 (not complete)   gen. class category
#4 Stratos Munari/Adruet   2nd    
#50 Fulvia F&M special Lo Bello/Mollica        
#148 Fulvia HF 1600 Cuttitta/D'Alù        
#151 Fulvia HF 1600 Librizzi/Barraja        
#159 Fulvia HF 1600 Balistreri/Rizzo        
#161 Fulvia HF 1600 Cucinotta/Consolo        
#163 Fulvia HF 1600 Di Garbo/Mazza        
#176 Fulvia HF 1600 Garufi/Tagliavia        
#180 Fulvia HF 1300 Rosolia/Adamo   acc.    
#181 Fulvia HF 1300 Marino/Sutera Pegaso      
#182 Fulvia Zagato Martino/Locatelli        
#185 Fulvia HF 1300 Ferrara/Valenza        

Mauro Pregliasco in the Lancia Fulvia Coupé HF at the Rallye Sanremo in October.

2nd st Targa Florio: Lancia Stratos driven by Sandro Munari and Jean Claude Adruet.

Fulvia HF 1600 (Vittoriano Cuttitta - Calogero D'Alù) at Targa Florio.

Fulvia HF 1600 (Settimio Balistreri - Giovanni Rizzo) at Targa Florio.

Fulvia HF 1300 (Giovanni Marino - Salvatore Sutera) at Targa Florio.