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Lancia 1972

Fulvia - discontinued
Fulvia Coupé
Fulvia Sport Zagato - discontinued
2000 Coupé
Beta - new model




Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1199 ccm, 86 cv - discontinued
Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 95 cv - discontinued
    Berlina   wb: 2500 mm    


Fulvia Coupé

1,3 S V4 cyl., 1298 ccm,  90 cv  
1600 HF Lusso V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv  
1,3 S Montecarlo V4 cyl., 1298 ccm, 90 cv - new model
    Coupé   wb: 2330 mm    

LANCIA FULVIA 1600 HF £2,395
A long string of rally successes is reflected in this fast road coupe with twin-carburetter 1.6-litre engine instead of the 1.3. Tyres are bigger on alloy wheels and the interior includes built-in head restraints. A five-speed gearbox extracts the most from the willing V4 engine. Outer headlamps are raised above the grille line to comply with British height regulations.

London Show review

Coupé 1.3 S Montecarlo is a special edition based on the 1.3 S, commemorating Lancia's victory at the 1972 Monte Carlo Rally. The livery resembled the works car, with matte black bonnet and boot lid bearing Monte Carlo rally plate-style stickers. This version uses his own bodyshell with flared wheel arches, similar to but different from the 1.6 HF bodyshell. Other accoutrements includes 1.6 HF Lusso interior fittings such as bucket seats with headrests, rectangular front fog lamps, no bumpers and black single wing mirror; 4.5J steel wheels of the standard Coupé are fitted.


Fulvia Sport Zagato

1.3 S  V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 90 cv - discontinued  
1600 V4 cyl., 1584 ccm 115 cv - discontinued  
Coupé  wb: 2330 mm  



2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv  
2000 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Berlina wb: 2650 mm

LANCIA 2000 £2,249
One of the world's most refined four-cylinder cars. The flat-four engine driving the front wheels can now be had with fuel injection, giving an extra 10 b.h.p. and the gearbox is now five-speed. Power steering by ZF is one of the best. Front head restraints and heated rear window are standard items on a well-finished, well equipped car from a member of the Fiat group.

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2000 Coupé

2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv  
2000 HF  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Coupé  wb: 2480 mm

LANCIA 2000 £2,249
Bosch electronic injection extracts an extra 10 b.h.p. from the flat-four engine of Lancia's elegant Pininfarina coupe in its latest form. The HF badge, hitherto seen only on the top performance Fulvias, signifies High Fidelity, derived not only from the performance, but from the loyalty of owners who find Lancias have a character which is habit-forming.

London Show review

2000 Coupé



1400  R4 cyl., 2ohc 1438 cm³ 90 cv - new model
1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1592 cm³ 100 cv - new model
1800 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1756 cm³ 110 cv - new model
Berlina  wb: 2540 mm  



IMC Victories:

1st Rallye Monte Carlo  Fulvia HF # Munari/Manucci
3rd Swedish Rally Fulvia HF # Källström / Häggborn
1st Rallye du Maroc Fulvia HF # Lampinen / Andreasson
2nd Acropolis Rally Fulvia HF # Lampinen / Reinicke
1st Rallye Sanremo Fulvia HF # Ballestrieri / Arnaldo
2nd Rallye Sanremo Fulvia HF # Barbasio / Sodano
1st  International Championship for Manufacturers
1st Italian Rally Championship


Fulvia 1.6 Coupé at Press on Regardless Rally

Fulvia HF 1600, S.Munari - M.Mannucci, Rallye internazionale di Sicilia, Winners.

Entries and results:
‚ÄÉTarga Florio (21.05.1972) Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category
#50 Fulvia Speciale "Tex Willer"/Sgarlata Aretusa 34th 12th - sport 2nd - 1301-1600
#58 Fulvia Sport Lisitano/Fenga   28th 10th - soprt 3rd - 1001-1300
#80 Fulvia HF 1600 Librizzi/Barraja   acc. - -
#83 Fulvia HF 1600 Cucinotta/Patti   83rd 22nd - GT 7th - 1301-1600
#98 Fulvia HF 1600 Lo Bello/Traina Pegaso 29th 19th - GT 6th - 1301-1600
#91 Fulvia Sport Bologna/Nataloni   dns - -
#97 Fulvia Sport Guagliardo/Mollica Ateneo fail. - -
#98 Fulvia HF 1300 Savona/Jacono Pegaso fail. - -
#99 Fulvia HF 1300 Bartoli/Rosolia Pegaso 23rd 15th - GT 1st - up to 1300

Fulvia Speciale Spider TS ("Tex Willer" - Matteo Sgarlata) at Targa Florio (Scuderia Aretusa).

Fulvia Speciale Spider TS finished 34th overall, 12th in sport category and 2nd in 1301-1600 cc class.

Fulvis Sport Zagato Competizione (Franco Lisitano - Toti Fenga) came 28th overall, 10th in sport category and 3rd in 1001-1300 cc class.

Fulvia HF 1300 (Marco De Bartoli - "Benny" Benedetto Rosolia) won up to 1300 cc class in gran turismo category at Targa Florio (Pegaso).