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Lancia 1970

Fulvia Coupé
Fulvia Sport Zagato
Flavia Coupé
Flaminia - discontinued





Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1199 ccm, 86 cv  
Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 95 cv  
    Berlina   wb: 2500 mm    

5-speed gearbox. Larger Girling calipers and pads.

LANCIA FULVIA £1,399 (incl. P.T.)
Ever since the House of Lancia was founded in 1908 by racing driver Vincenzo Lancia (his wealthy father made canned soup!) it has remained faithful to technical unconventionality. Since the 'twenties there has always been a narrow-angle V4 in the Lancia catalogue, and the 1.3-litre Fulvia is the latest saloon model of the type. Like the Flavia (with 'flat-four' engine), the Fulvia has front wheel drive, and the boxy four-door body provides exceptional space for four, in unusually comfortable seats. In spite of its modest engine size the Fulvia can reach 100 m.p.h.

London Show review


Fulvia Coupé

Rallye 1,3 S V4 cyl., 1298 ccm,  92 cv - discontinued
Rallye 1,6 HF   V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - discontinued
    Coupé   wb: 2330 mm    
1,3 S V4 cyl., 1298 ccm,  90 cv - new model
1600 HF   V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - new model
1600 HF Lusso V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - new model
    Coupé   wb: 2330 mm    

Coupé serie 2 features 5-speed gearbod, bigger brakes and facelifted (all-steel on the HF) body with full width grille. The Lusso has an extra trim, radio and fitted with bumpers. Mostly produced for export.

1600 HF

1600 HF


Fulvia Sport Zagato

1.3 S  V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 90 cv - Turin  
Coupé  wb: 2330 mm  

5-speed gearbox, revised suspension geometry, taller ride height, an alternator in place of the previous dynamo, a taller final drive compared to coupés, and wider tyres. The body is now all-steel, and seats 2+2 passengers. Some of the Zagato's most unusual features are lost: the bonnet is now hinged at the front, and the spare wheel compartment hatch is deleted. Several other changes set the second series apart from the first: new driving lights, side mirror moved from the wing to the door, larger bullet-shaped tail lights from the Peugeot 204, and stamped steel wheels without hubcaps.



Flavia B4 cyl., 1490 cm³ 80 cv – discontinued
Flavia 1.8 B4 cyl., 1816 cm³ 92 cv  
Flavia 1.8 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1816 cm³ 102 cv  
Flavia 2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv  
Flavia 2000 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Flavia 2000 LX B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv  
Flavia 2000 LX Iniezione  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv  
Berlina wb: 2650 mm  
(forward control chassis)
  – discontinued
(about 3000 made)

Flavia Berlina 2000 Iniezione

Flavia Berlina


Flavia Coupé

2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv    
2000 Iniezione  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - new model  
Coupé  wb: 2480 mm  

LANCIA FLAVIA 2000 COUPE £2,989 (incl. P.T.)
Since Fiat absorbed Lancia many enthusiasts for the oldestablished Italian marque have spent sleepless nights worrying about which way the Turin-based factory was going. After a year of the new alliance's existence, Lancia continues to build high-performance cars of the highest quality, and the 'flat-four' front-drive Flavia 2000 coupe which was only six months old as a type at last year's London Show, is with us still. Styled by Pininfarina, the pretty two-door coupe (with 16 cubic feet luggage boot) is powered by a two-litre version of the 1800 c.c. unit it used before its restyling.

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2,8   V6 cyl., 2775 ccm, 129 cv - discontinued
    Berlina   wb: 2870 mm    


Fulvia HF           

Rallye 1.6 HF tipo 818.540 variante 1016: 1969–70. Works rally-spec Fanalone, produced in very limited numbers. The most powerful Fulvia with a 1,584 cc engine producing up to 132 hp (98 kW) depending on tune. This was the version used by the works rally team until 1974, when it was superseded in competition by the Stratos HF. 45 mm bore Solex carburettors were used that were later replaced by 45 DCOE Webers. The cam cover had special blue stripe over yellow paintjob (HF cars had just yellow paint job).

IMC Victories:

2nd Sanremo-Sestriere–Rally Fulvia HF # Källström / Häggbom
1st RAC Rally Fulvia HF # Källström / Häggbom
3rd International Championship for Manufacturers
3rd International Cup for GT Cars
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio (03.05.1970) Entrant: Results:
        gen. category class
#174 Fulvia HF Maglioli/Munari HF Squadra Corse 9th 1st - GT 1st - 1301-1600
#178 Fulvia HF Galimberti/Cedrati   23rd 9th - GT 4th - 1301-1600
#190 Fulvia HF Restivo/Merendino Jolly Club 18th 5th - GT 2nd - 1301-1600
#200 Fulvia HF Ballestrieri/Pinto HF Squadra Corse 43rd 18th - GT 6th - 1301-1600
#214 Fulvia Speciale Sgarlata/Marotta Aretusa 26th 12th - proto 2nd - 1001-1300
#272 Fulvia Sport Zagato Fasce/Trenti Jolly Club acc. - -
#274 Fulvia Sport Zagato Lisitano/Pirrone Jolly Club 31st 12th - GT 3rd - up to 1300
#276 Fulvia HF 1.3 Catalano/De Bartoli Pegaso acc. - -
#280 Fulvia Sport Zagato Bordonaro/Spatafora Pegaso fail. - -
#282 Fulvia Sport Zagato Anastasio/Rattazzi Jolly Club 40th 17th - GT 5th up to 1300
#284 Fulvia Sport Zagato Morelli/Pietromarchi   dns - -
#286 Fulvia HF 1.3 Rizzo/Arcovito Brescia Corse 21st 7th - GT 2nd - up to 1300
#292 Fulvia Sport Zagato Mantia/Jacono Pegaso 37th 16th - GT 4th - up to 1300
#294 Fulvia HF 1.3 Cucinotta/Patti Asso Sport Tridente 46th 20th - GT 6th - up to 1300

Fulvia HF 1.6 (Claudio Maglioli - Sandro Munari) won GT category and 1301-1600 cc class at Targa Florio (HF Squadra Corse).

Fulvia Speciale TS 1300 (Matteo Sgarlata - Giuseppe Marotta) at Targa Florio (Scuderia Aretusa).

Fulvia Sport Zagato ( "Ramon" Franco Lisitano - "Zerimar" Giuseppe Pirrone) - 3rd in GT up to 1300 cc class at Targa Florio (Scuderia Jolly Club).

Fulvia HF (Amilcare Ballestrieri - Raffaele Pinto) Targa Florio (HF squadra Corse), 6th in 1300-1600 cc class.