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Lancia 1957


Appia Berlina 2a Serie (C10) (1089 cc, 44 bhp; wb: 251 cm)
Appia Pininfarina Coupé (1089 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 235 cm) - new model (March)
Appia Vignale Convertible (1089 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 235 cm) - new model (March)
Appia GT Zagato Coupé (1089 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 251 cm) - new model (January)
Appia GTS Zagato Coupé (1089 cc, 58 bhp; wb: 215 cm) - new model (March)
Aurelia II serie B12 (2266 cc) – discontinued
Aurelia B55/56 (2266 cc) – discontinued
Aurelia B20 GT 2500 (2451 cc, 112 bhp)
Aurelia B24 convertible (2451 cc)
Flaminia – new model, Geneva (March)
Flaminia (6 cyl, 2458 cc, 100 bhp)


W związku z wprowadzeniem sedana Flaminia, zakończyła się produkcja Aurelii. Powstało 12787 egzemplarzy w tym B10: 5451 szt, B21: 3780 szt, B15: 81 szt, B22: 1074 szt, B12: 2400 szt, oraz 13563 podwozi, w tym B50 : 583 szt, B52 : 184 szt, B55 : 6 szt i B56 : 5 szt. A single B60 was also built. W ofercie pozostają Coupé B20 i spider B24.

In March the Geneva Motor Show saw the first appearance of Zagato racing (also known as "GTS"): the engine is enhanced and the body - whose interior have only two places - have the wheel arches shaped for the addition of "fins" on the rear fenders. Changing the wheel, however, also affects the normal GT.
Zagato GTS are available with different rear axle ratio and sport gearbox.
Pininfarina and Vignale , respectively prepared a nice Coupé and a very luxurious sedan, which was be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in March. They were included in the price list a few months later.




Lancia Appia C10


Appia – sports models

Lancia Appia Coupé Pinin Farina


Lancia Appia Coupé Pinin Farina

Appia Convertible Vignale

Appia Zagato

Appia Zagato

Appia Zagato




Lancia Aurelia B12


Aurelia – sports models

Aurelia B 20 GT

Aurelia B 24 GT 2500 Convertible

Lancia Aurelia B24



Flaminia – prototype presented in April last year.

Lancia Flaminia – production version.


Pinin Farina Florida II – prototype

Pinin Farina Florida Coupé


Pinin Farina Florida II – Concours d'Elegance de Cortina d'Ampezzo (September).


2nd Targa Florio #194 Appia Taruffi
3rd Targa Florio #224 Appia Zagato Costantini

2nd at Targa Florio, Piero Taruffi in the Lancia Appia.

Appia Zagato in Mille Miglia where 4 specimens that have come from Brescia took the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th place in class (GT 1001 to 1100 cc) beating the Zagato Fiat 1100-103.


  Targa Florio entries: (24.11.1957) Results: Penalties:
#156 Appia      
#180 Appia Masetti 25th 2.6
#194 Appia Taruffi 2nd 0.8
#202 Aurelia B20 Vaccarella 109th 37.4
#224 Appia Zagato Costantini 3rd 1.4
#226 Appia Siracusa 79th 9.8
#228 Aurelia B20 Federico 36th 3.4
#230 Aurelia B20 Di Salvo 40th 3.8
#232 Appia Fabbris 73rd 8.8
#258 Appia Capra 120th 111.7
#298 Aurelia B20 Orsolini 64th 6.8