Classic Car Catalogue

Lancia 1938


Aprilia (V4, 1352 cm³, 46 KM)
Astura series IV (V8, 2973 cm³, 82 KM) (284 ex.)


From August / September 1938 Aprilia "standard" version is fitted with the side steps, same as the 'Lusso' version.
The production of French Ardennes stopped. During 1937/38, only 620 were produced, of which 500 saloons and 120 chassis.

Introduced last year Astura series IV with the wheel base extended to 347,5 cm is intended to replace discontinued Dilambda model.





Aprilia Lusso by Pinin Farina (wrong year?)


Lancia Astura by Touring

Lancia Astura

Lancia Astura



Race: Best res.:
24h Spa 10.07.1938 9th (1st 1.5)
10th (2nd 1.5)
11th (3rd 1.5)
Targa Abruzzo 15.08.1938  




Pos. Race: No. Model: Driver:
2nd Targa Abruzzo     Cantoni/Agosti

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25-30.01.1938 Rallye Monte Carlo     10 74  Descollas / Descollas Aprilia 8th (->1500 1st)
          51  Waleran Aprilia 9th (->1500 2nd)
          82  Cantoni / Agosti   9th (->1500 3rd)
          52  Hoffmann   18th (->1500 4th)
          88  Bellen / Kulesza Aprilia 25th (->1500 6th)

No.54, Wojciech Kolaczkowski and Stefan Pronaszko, Lancia Aprilia, start from Stavanger, 79th and 28th in up to 1500 cc class.


No.74, Gaston Descollas and Mme Claire Descollas in Lancia Aprilia started from Athens and won in up to 1500 cc class finishing 8th in overall ranking.